There are literally hundreds of ways to download free songs and do it without any copyright infringement.

1.Visit your favorite bands MySpace accounts. Often bands upload their songs for people to listen and sometimes you are also allowed to download them from MySpace.
2.Also, visit bands homepages. Sometimes they offer an option to download their music.
3.Register in This site is best-known for their good radio streaming service, but on a page they also offer a nice selection of free downloads. is a community committed in providing with high quality live recordings. This is a great place to complement your existing music collection thanks to their long list of commercial and indie artists performing live.
5.Amazon has lots of free music available in their store. At the moment there are over thousand of free songs, including album samplers.
6.There’s a festival called South By South West (SBSW) which is annually held in Austin, Texas. All the music from 2005 till 2009 is available for free download on
7.Check out It’s a movement inspired by open source ideas and you’ll get free and legal music by indie artists for download.
8.If you’re a fan of good remixes, visit a site called ccMixer at There you’ll find tons of quality remixes for free download.
9.If you’re familiar with torrents technology, visit site, where you can find thousands of music files, all legally downloadable.
10. A page called maintains a huge collection of free and perfectly legal music files.
11.If you use iTunes, then every week iTunes releases a Single of the Week, Discovery Download and also Latino Single of the Week. These three are all free and open for downloading and listening with your iTunes or iPod. Visit site to find out more.
12.Wikipedia has gigantic list of classical music downloads, all in public domain or shared by commons law. Visit this link to find your favorite: For classical music there is also a site This is a directory with links over 5000 free to download classical performances.
13.Site has a long list of artists whose music you can download and enjoy for free.
14.If you are a fan of heavy metal, visit This is a site for Hellcat Records, an independent label which also offers free music samples by their artists. But if you’re more of a punk rock fan, visit, where you can find quality punk rock tracks free for download.
15.For indie-lovers there are sites like or, where you can discover new cool artists and listen to their work – all legal and free.
16.For reggae-lovers I suggest to visit site where one can find all the reggae you need, all free for download.
17.If your heart beats to the rhythm of electro, then is for you. This is a community committed in bringing artists together, organizing events and promoting electronic music.
18.If you’re interested in major labels, you should check out It’s a site where you can legally download music from major record labels. Also, offers the same option – on that site you can browse through thousands of different major record label artists and download their tracks for free.
19.There are also sites from where you can download music for your children. Visit to find all kinds of cheerful sounds your kid will love. But if you want something for Christmas, visit to download old favorite holiday songs, all free and legal.