Get involved and take action to save the planet. Use those calculators below to calculate your average CO2 emissions and act accordingly!

A CO2 calculator, which is solely meant for people, who would like to calculate their carbon footprint and donate to different associations, which are working with developing of environmental ideas and products. It gives you an opportunity to understand your own average CO2 emissions and act accordingly to it. Design is interesting, it is easy to use and takes very little time to do it. After completing, you can directly make your donation. You can choose, whether you donate in renewable energy, energy efficiency or reforestation. The best calculator, if you are looking to give a financial contribution to help the environment.

If you are looking to find different ways to reduce your carbon footprint, by changing you everyday habits, then this is the perfect CO2 calculator for you. It is very easy to use, explains every step and doesn’t take too much of your time. It presents you the most common ways, how to reduce your carbon footprint easily and without major changes in your lifestyle. In the end, you get a result, how much you can exactly reduce your carbon emissions. In together a well thought through and useful calculator.

This calculator, meant for Australian citizens, has, without any doubt, the best design concept of all CO2 calculators online, which makes it interesting and even fun to fill out. Different illustrations and pictures will change, according to how you fill out the form.
In one stage of the calculation process it compares how much are your CO2 emissions equivalent to average Australian car emissions (for example 6,7 cars). This is a unique feature among online CO2 calculators and again, makes it more interesting.
The downside is that, it is usable only by Australian people, but for them it is probably, the best one, because it compares everything to average Australian stats.
Finally, it offers different possibilities to change your lifestyle, according to, how you filled out the calculator..

A CO2 calculator, which is meant for people, who live in USA. Very simple, easy to use and gives you an idea, of your carbon footprint, compared to USA average. After the calculation, you are given some basic tips to reduce your CO2 emissions and an opportunity to read more about global warming. It also directs you to a possibility to give a donation to help environmental friendly associations in USA. The downside is, that your calculator results are not relevant to the amount of your donation, because you are offered to donate according to the average USA citizens carbon footprint. This certainly reduces the motivation to give your personal contribution to the environment.

5), as in, has a CO2 calculator, which is meant for people, who would want to give their contribution, to donate to organizations, which are trying to improve environment. There are some downsides. The most inconvenient matter is that, at first you cant understand, how it exactly works and it takes some time to get familiar with the build up of the calculator. Also, if you like to make a financial donation, you would like the calculator to be a bit more specific and explain, how each part of the calculator is worked out. This information is not easy to find within this calculator. Still, the categories, in which you can make your investment, are well picked.

A well built CO2 calculator only for UK citizens. Its biggest positive aspect is probably its accuracy, because it considers very many factors, before giving you the result. Also it is claimed, that is very user-friendly. Accuracy makes it also a bit more difficult to use, because you have to concentrate on every part of the calculator, to get as realistic result as possible, which also takes some time. Also this site doesn’t offer you a specific solution and opportunity to contribute to environmental development. Although, if you live in UK and are looking for an accurate way to calculate your carbon footprint, then this is, without any doubt, the best solution for you.

This a CO2 calculator, created by a small non profit organization in Estonia. The biggest minus is that, it is only in Estonian language, but that is to be changed in the next couple of months. The calculator itself is quite simple, easy to use and won’t take much of your time. You get the opportunity to neutralize your carbon footprint, according to the size of it, by ordering the planting of trees. You are given the exact quantity of carbon dioxide and trees, you should plant, to neutralize that. The website also offers information, how to change your lifestyle, to reduce your carbon emissions. All together a great concept, but, at the present moment, only meant for Estonian speaking people.

A very short and simple carbon calculator you can find online. It only has 8 questions and you get your answer right away. This of course makes it as less adequate, than other online CO2 calculators, due to the fact that it gives you a very general picture of your carbon footprint and won’t consider many factors. Although, you are given a possibility, which I have found only with two online CO2 calculators. This is the opportunity to order planting of trees to neutralize your carbon footprint. There is one downside, compared to In, you are have to calculate yourself, how many trees you have to plant, to neutralize your footprint. Also you can order 5, 10, 15 or more trees – there are no other options.

A simple carbon calculator, directed specifically to organizations, based in UK. It is easy to use and gives you an overall idea, how big is your organizations carbon footprint. The website also offers ideas, how to reduce your organizations carbon dioxide emissions. However, this information is quite overall and will not give you certain solutions and actions, what you should take for it to work.

This is probably the shortest and simplest CO2 calculator you can find online. It basically gives you a very overall idea, how big is your carbon footprint. In the results you can observe 2 things – how big is your overall carbon emission and how it is divided proportionally between transportation and energy consumption. The website will not offer you almost any solutions or ideas, how to reduce your carbon footprint.