1.Last.fm – is one of the best known online music players in Internet. Last.fm suggests music you might like on the bases of your preferred bands and artists. Site requires registering.
2.We7.com is a great page to listen music online. You don’t need to register. Only go to their page, find the music you like (using search box or browsing through their catalogue) and click “play” to listen all the music you like. You can also create playlists.
3.Jango.com is “an Internet radio that plays what you want” and they stress that they are totally and perfectly legal. No registering required but if you create a user you can create playlists and find people who share similar taste in music as you do.
4.Blip.fm is very popular site for listening and sharing music you like. Site requires registering but after you choose yourself a “DJ name” you can look up songs, listen to them and also share them via Twitter, Facebook or any other popular social network.
5.Youtube.com is maybe the most popular site on this list. In addition to listening songs online you can also watch music videos and create playlists. Of course, YouTube is more than music player, but it can successfully be used as one.
6.Grooveshark (listen.grooveshark.com) lets you play any song in the world and it doesn’t cost you anything. You can also create and listen to radio stations.
7.Rhapsody.com is also a great site for listening music online. You can also buy music on that site.
8.Playlist.com lets you build your own playlists. They are also adding option for creating video playlists. Site requires registering.
9.Deezer.com lets you listen to music online without registering, but if you register you can also create playlists, add artists and albums to your favorites and also communicate with other users.
10.Slacker.com is similar to all the other sites, allowing to create personalized internet “radio” by creating playlists.