Transferring old videos to digital formats is easy. If you still have VHS and want to transfer them, taking them down to a store can cost you. It is not the technology that you are being charged for, it is the time.

Today, transferring VHS or videos to DVDs is just as easy as downloading the images from a camera to your computer. You can do it yourself. Save a lot of time, money and learn in the process.

What you will need
You will need a VHS player, your tapes, a computer and a USB Video Capture Adapter. A video capture adapter can be bought online for 10 to 20 USD. The adapter should come with a software CD. Make sure that when you buy it, the software is included. Some adapters can be worth about 7 USD, they will also get the job done.

How it works
The adapter is connected to your computer via USB. The adapter comes with RCA cables which you can connect to a VHS player. It is very simple. First install the software that comes with your adapter. Then connect the VHS or other video player to the USB video adapter. Connect the USB video adapter to the USB on your computer. Open the software that came with the adapter and play the movie.

The software comes with several functions. It is looks likes a web cam software. You will see a screen on the left side of the software. Whatever video source you have connected to the adapter (VHS, live camera, or any other video source), it will show up in the screen of the software. The software allows you capture the video that you see.

Once the video is captured, it is digitally stored in your computer. You can also capture frames or stills. You can capture fragments of the video or transfer the entire thing.

Save a lot of money by transferring the videos yourself. There is no special knowledge needed. If the video you want to transfer plays on a TV, you can capture that as well.

The USB video transfer adapter is very small. You can take it anywhere you go. The software allows you to transfer analogue video feed into high quality digital video. The software is mostly automatic, but has different settings. The software comes with a user-friendly movie editing application. Edit your own home movies. Burn any video to a DVD. There is no limit to movie making.

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