When the economy bottom down, then everyone feels depressed and thinks that it is the end of the world which is not true, it is just for sometime, things tend to change just like the weather or the weather man predictions.

What can we do to survive it? yes, there is alot of things we can do, for example; everyone should take charge of their own financial situation to prevent bad situation going to worse by starting to save every little pennies they can get from your retail store jobs that does not pay very much, but enough to put the food on the table for you and your family. I believe very strongly we should all support small businesses, because they are the last result for some of us to get any type of job that each one of us may need to survive this recession, depression, inflation or whatever name the economists may call it.

If you have children, you need to start teaching them on how to save money and budget for their future. You can give them weekly or monthly allowance and encourage them to save some of the money on weekly basis, so that by Christmas time they will have enough to buy whatever they may need to enjoy Xmas.

We can also start to do a little gardening, searching for coupons in the newspaper or online at (www.business4info.com) or fr.ee.com to use at grocery stores to save money for groceries, trust me every little bit count, do not under estimate the power of compounding.

Please let me know your take on this topic..
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