We have previously written about different ways on how to get free beer or free alcohol in general, but there’s more than we have previously talked about.

If you’re still studying at a college or university, different student organization, such as corporations and foreign student clubs are organizing guest evenings where you can go and where they can convince you to join them. Usually, there’s free alcohol involved. The best evening I *can remember* involved 14 free bottles of beer and a really lousy next day. Just visit your local university billboards to get information on when these events take place. But usually in the beginning of every new semester.

Crash a wedding
Many of you have seen the movie Wedding Crashers. While the point of the movie was to pick up girls at weddings, you can also get some free booze for yourself. Just make sure you’re not going too early, but rather when most of the formal activities have ended and the main thing people are doing is drinking. Nobody even notices an unknown person there, especially as in case of most weddings there’s at least 50% people unknown to everyone, even to the just wedded couple.

Crash a company
Couple of weeks ago I went drinking (story of my life, I might add), I met one half-friend, then another, then another (and no, none of them really knew each other too well, they knew the faces but it wasn’t a company of friends, but a company of people who just knew each other to some level). We went from one bar to another, who had money, bought the beer and then at some point at 5am we went to the apartment of one of those people.

In the apartment there was lots of GOOD brandy and so on. At some point there was just 4 of us. I knew two of them and they knew me, but I didn’t know the fourth person. I asked both of the people who I did know who the fourth person was – they had no idea whatsoever. Then I asked the person who he knew in the company – he said nobody. He said that he had just joined us when we left our last bar. As none of us really knew each others friends then all the three of us thought the guy was a friend of someone else. When we discovered he wasn’t, it was a bit of a surprise, but it was fun – and of course we didn’t kick him out, we kept on drinking.

Moral of the story? Crash the company of people who don’t know each other too well anyhow and make sure you join them when they go to drink in some apartment.

And you say there’s no ways to get free alcohol. Welcome to drink(drunk)land.