1.Find out when are there make-up testing, total makeover or beauty product days in your local supermarket. Sometimes makeup companies have product days where you can test new products, let professionals do your makeup and even take home some samples! Don’t hesitate to ask yourself if you don’t see any samples lying around.
2.Ulta and Sephora offer free make-up. Go to their store and find out on which days they offer this deal and show up!
3.These are not the only places you can have your make-up done for free. Almost every major cosmetics company has their consultants in their stores who help you choose products and also help you with make-up. Check out your local Mary Kay, Estee Lauder and M.A.C. counters at Macey’s or Nordstrom’s and ask for help! Most of them have employees hired to do your make up for free. You might want to tip them though.
4.At the Clinique Counter they have a 2-3 week long make-up events every season, when they introduce Clinique’s new fall, winter, spring or summer colors. All you have to do is go up and ask them about it. They’re more than willing to make an appointment because they’re trying to sell you their product. This process usually takes about an hour, and it is free.
5.Bobbi Brown also offers free makeovers but it’s suggested to call ahead and make an appointment. You don’t have to buy anything, but it’s nice to tip the girl who does your make-up. Also you should always ask if it’s free – sometimes some counters ask you to buy two or three products.