We got this microwave over for Christmas, but unfortunately we had no counter space for it. I did a little research on the internet and found out that they actually invented a solution for this kind of problem: a suspended prop system – similar to those used to fix televisions to the wall. The idea is that of fixing the prop system onto the wall, and then fixing the microwave onto the prop system. We went to the store to buy the system, but were really amazed to see it costs nearly $50. Paying half the price of the microwave just for the prop system did not seem right.

So we went back home to make some research online. We found out that you can make such a system by yourself. All you need are two L shaped metallic props, which you can purchase at any hardware store for $5 or so. Make sure that they are resistant and can sustain the weight of the microwave oven, plus at least another 20 pounds. The specific system I was telling you about just a few lines above sustains a maximum weight of 100 pounds, in a context in which the average weight of a microwave oven is of 30 pounds. So make sure you get resistant props.

You will also need four or six strong nails, to fix the prop into the wall. You would work from here on depending on the structure and consistency of your home wall. If the wall is softer, you should be able to hammer in the nails. Our wall was however covered in faience and we had to use a power drill.

Unlike the specific system, the one you just placed on your wall does not give you the possibility to simply fix the microwave oven onto the props. This means that you would need a wooden board. We had one left over from when we made the furniture. So look around your garage and you might find just the right thing. If you don’t have it in your home, you can buy it at the store for less than $10.

Fix this wooden board onto the L shaped props in the wall, and simply place the microwave oven on top of the board. At the end of the day, you only spent a rough $15 on making the prop, saving as such an estimate $35.