On these difficult times, it is often hard to find a decent job and a proper way to earn some money. I came up with some interesting ways how to solve your problems.
You may want to approach it with a little bit of humor =)

1.Find some on the street. After finding it, you may want to invest it somewhere. A wise solution would be to buy some pigs, cows, hens or horses and (after that, check nr. 2)
2.If you are a farmer and have some animals, you can urge them to breed (feed them something to make them horny). After that you have many possibilities: sell them, grow them a bit and then sell them or… eat them.
3.Don’t steal! (stealing may be tolerated in extreme situations – for example, if you need money to hire a lawyer to solve your divorce case).
4.If you are nymphomaniac, offer adult services – you end up getting what you want and get paid for it
5.If you are a man, offer adult services – you end up getting what you want and get paid for it
6.If you are a teenager, ask your mom or sell the crack and alcohol, from under your bed.
7.If you are Harry Potter, cast a spell and create some
8.If you are a company owner, fire your workers and hire some cheaper ones from China or Africa. In the last case, you may also consider selling your computers (they have no use to your new workers) and maybe also tables and chairs.
9.If you have some old clothes, sell the new ones and wear the old ones (you have to be clever, because you get more money from the new ones).
10. If you are Bill Gates and you run out of money… well then I guess you’re screwed