The fact that women have a passion for shopping is an accepted fact around the globe. We love buying things and we could shop for every reason in the world, from sadness to joy. That is why, as a woman, I subscribe to the community of shoppers affected by the economic crisis, whose budget allocated to new stuff has been dramatically limited.

Yet, if there is a good thing related to the lack of money, it is the fact that it forces one to work on his/her creativity. And in terms of shopping, which can be easily considered an addiction one cannot easily drop, people, and women in particular, must think of creative ways that would make their need for new things survive on crisis times like this, when priorities have changed.

As shopping mostly relates to new clothes that would make us shine, get over a break-up by being the most beautiful lady at the Christmas party thrown at the office. We can look good just to make make our rivals envious (and this feels soooo good). In order to do that I have thought about some tips that would help us renew our wardrobe with a minimum effort and without investing big amounts of money…or anything at all. Becoming curious and interested? Let us throw a glance on the tips below:

* Take an afternoon off and seriously pay attention to your wardrobe. You will surely find lots of things you might not even remember you had bought. Look carefully, try them on and put aside what you believe might work for you. You will be surprised to see old things you would have never thought of wearing again that are back in trends. Always remember, fashion is cyclical.
* Combine things. A pair of trousers you are bored of? Accessorize them with a special belt and make them look different.
* Use buttons, belts and spangles from old stuff and accessorize other articles of wearing that would appear as new.
* Use brooches for your current chemises.
* If you have simple, single-colored t-shirts, they can be easily transformed after your own preferences. Just look for a funny logo, a comic cartoon or whatever you like. Use a hot iron and stick the picture to the material. Fun, original and easy!
* If you have pairs of long trousers or long skirts you no longer wear, you can try to adjust their length and make them suitable for wearing again. Short pants from long ones, a short and trendy skirt made from a medium-length one that you no longer wear, etc.
* If you have a sister, a cousin or a best friend that shares your size, it might be a good idea to meet one day and exchange ideas. If you have lots of clothes you don’t know what to do with, you can be sure she is in the same position. You can find things one likes and the other doesn’t and exchange them.
* Use buttons, belts and spangles from old stuff and accessorize other articles of wearing that would appear as new.
Most important of all, always remember that creativity is your only limit! Or at least, until the economical crisis passes…