Before we get going, things like kicking your boss’s face 10 times in a row, pushing your mother in law on the stairs, or trashing your ex-girl/boyfriend car just because they deserve do not enter this list due to their consequences that could become quite far from „free”.
So… I would like to share with you some ideas of changes each of us can bring into our lives in order to make it healthier and reduce the amount of stress we are exposed to every day.

1. Organize your time better
You can start by keeping a schedule, so that things that are important to you won’t be forgotten and skipped, neither will you double-book your time.
Learning to say no to those excessive and non-mandatory demands on your time that would surely break your equilibrium. Negotiating your way through those demands that need to be taken care of is also a very useful way of doing what needs to be done, but in a time frame that suits best your interest.

2. Keep your working and living space organized
A messy room or a messy office will literally drain our energy and stress us more … as would be expected, the effects of a nicely decorated and soothing environment will be much more positive, offering us the haven where we can escape from the stressing influences in our lives.

3. Cultivate friendship
Just the thought of having some friends and/or partners (even if only one close one) to be able to talk to and lean on during times of crisis help us to pass easier through moments of stress in our life. If we find ourselves with no friend or partner with whom we would like to share such moments, a good idea would be to try to meet new people and/or work on developing our current relationships, the payoff will most probably more than worth our effort.

4. Pay attention to keeping yourself fit
A healthy body will be able to better face stress and vice-versa, an unhealthy body will cause us important amounts of additional stress. Exercising on a regular basis, eating in a healthy manner, sleeping enough will always be good ways (and not so easy ones) to keep ourselves in a good shape.

5. Have a break from the stress
In the end it’s up to us how we choose to face things that happen in our life, its is up to us if we choose to keep a stressful experience in our mind so it will continue affecting us after the actual stressful experience has ended. Steven Covey was saying in his book, “7 habits of highly efficient people” something along these lines: only 2% of the time we spend worrying, is actually spent on things that we can truly have an impact on; a lot of that time is spent on things that happened in the past and we cannot change, some other important part is spent on things that will most probably happen but that we don’t actually have the power to influence. so, if I may ask… why don’t we just filter a bit the things we choose to worry and stress about? Think first if you can change the situation: if you can not, stop thinking about it; if you can change, then decide on the best course of action (even if that does not totally satisfy us) and only think about it again when is time to act. Easier said than done, I know. But you know I’m right.
In the end, it’s our life, and it is a beautiful one if we choose to make it so.