Honestly, this can actually be done…
I’ve always been fascinated with snow globes. It all started up while I was still a child, but I did not have one until I became older. I recently even discovered the joys of making it by myself. Aside from being free – or if not entirely free, then significantly cheaper than the ones you can buy from stores – making a snow globe by yourself leaves you with a unique item, the satisfaction of the time well spent; you could even spend some quality time with your children while doing this.

What you need – a transparent jar, preferably rounded shape, with a secure lid; white glitter; a figurine; glue; distilled water; optionally, cardboard and textile material. Here is how you turn these items into a snow globe:

1.Get the jar, the lid and the figurine. Make sure that they are all clean and dry; also make sure that the figurine is waterproof. The figurine could be something you have in the house, such as a small toy or a piece of porcelain.
2.Glue the figurine to the inside of the lid; use waterproof glue. You should let the glue dry for some hours; for my own piece of mind however, I let it dry over night, just to be on the safe side
3.The following day, pour distilled water into the jar; you can get the water from the store or the pharmacy for a low price, but you can also make it yourself by boiling water and then cooling it
4.Add glitter in the jar; it is generally sufficient if you use one jar lid of glitter; but it’s up to you; I like it snowy, so I put a little more
5.Place glue on the top of the jar and then put the lid on; let it dry for a couple of hours. Then turn it upside down and viola: your hand made snow globe.
As an additional piece of advice, if you want to further enhance the aspect of the snow globe, you could make a cardboard prop, on which to place the globe. For enhanced aesthetics, dress the cardboard prop in textile material.

Tip: let the textile material match the color of the figurine inside your globe, as this will give the globe a more uniform aspect. Finally, glue the prop to the jar lid; leave the textile prop longer to the side where it meets the lid, and then tie it up with a ribbon.