In today’s world we hear lots about all the high-tech gadgets that people are trying to sell us, but what if the money is just not available?

I learned to ice fish from my father-in-law. He was a brilliant man and a fantastic angler, and he
taught me everything he knew.

He never had a lot of money, but he loved fishing. He and some of his friends came up with some ingenious ideas for catching fish, but my favorite has always been their technique for catching pike.

I must admit it was brilliant.

The pipe was cut into 2 feet sections that had chalk wire wrapped around that could probably reach the bottom of the lake or at least get pretty close; a hook was at the end of each line.

The hooks were baited with smelt, and we dropped down all the line, with the pipe sitting across the hole in the ice.

The pipes were painted half white and half black; this way when the fish grabbed the bait, the pipe
would start to spin, alerting us of our potential fish; we never lost a single bite thanks to this technique.

We all went home with our limit of pike for the day, and we were able to relax and have some fun using this simple method.

by Ryan Scott
Ryan Scott is a seasoned winter angler and accomplished write. He offers a ton of great advice for free at his website at