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Hey do you know our face needs Vitamins A,C,E to look good which we call ACE for FACE……I am into Wellness and being a Health Consultant i have Outer Nutrition which we call as NouriFusion….I have
1.Cleanser – which open your pores and cleanse your face.
2.Toner – it’s imp to close your pores so that no dust enter into your pores.
3.Moisturizer – which protects you from UVA (Ultra-Violet Ageing) & UVB (Ultra-Violet Burning)
This comes in 2 forms 1st Normal to Dry & 2nd Normal to Oily and this are daily use product.
4.Eye gel – this is for the Dark Circles & Puffiness which we have under our eyes and we have to use it in day time, when you will apply it under your eyes ohhhhhhh it feels like as though if 2 Air Conditioners(AC) has been fitted under your eyes.
5.Eye cream – this is for below and above our eyes both are for same reason but eye cream you should apply it in night only.
6.Clarifying Mask – if you do facial then don’t do it, don’t use chemical made products, use Nutrition for your face to keep good for life-time, if you use clarifying mask then you need not have to do facial anytime, it has such a good fragrance, you have to put it for 20-25 mins for better results and the best things is that when you have other mask on your face in general you cannot talk or do anything but using clarifying mask you can do your work,talk and enjoy your beautiful skin, then when you wash it you skin becomes so smooth and shiny that you will feel as though if you have got a new face and this is for all skin type & you have to use 2 times in a week.
7.Moisturizer Mask – this is specially for Dry skin, if you have dry skin then it must be parched, sometimes you get a dead skin and what not because all the cells of your face has not got the nutrition that’s why it has become like that, now what moisturizer mask does? When you apply it after 2-3 mins you will the mask is disappearing because your cells absorbs all the Nutrition which we got in Moisturizer and you have to wash it after 15-20mins and you have to use 2 times in a week.
8.Night Cream – WOW!!!! when you will open the cover of this box the cream inside it looks like ice cream and you will feel like eating it,,,,,now you will ask Why? Night Cream??? Let me tell you 1 things which common people don’t know and even doctors don’t disclose this things, all the repair and maintenance work of your whole body happens in night when you are sleeping because at that time your brain gets time and for that repair and maintenance of cells in our body you need nutrition which you are not getting now a days, you have to apply it and go to sleep you don’t have to wash our face, this is for daily use.
9.Exfoliating Scrub – Gently removes dry, rough, dull skin, Gentle, revitalizing facial scrub removes dead skin.
Exfoliant polishes skin, leaving behind a clear complexion, skin feels soft, smooth, clean and renewed, suitable for all skin types.

NouriFusion MultiVitamin Exfoliating Scrub helps you achieve a healthier, more vibrant complexion. Exfoliation helps remove dry and dead skin cells that can result in ashy, mottled-looking skin. MultiVitamin Exfoliating Scrub gently but thoroughly sloughs off older cells, allowing fresh, new skin to emerge.

ACE for the FACE: MultiVitamin Exfoliating Scrub is made with antioxidant vitamins A, C and E,
Seeds & beads: Strawberry and raspberry seeds gently exfoliate while jojoba and beeswax polish the skin, leaving a soft, clear-looking complexion,
Linked Papain, Derived from papaya, this enzyme helps exfoliate dead and damaged cells from the skin’s surface and enhances skin smoothness,
MultiVitamin Exfoliating Scrub can be used with all other NouriFusion MultiVitamin skin care products, use it two to three times a week.
All this products are Nutrition for our face and not Medicines. So there is no cure and nothing to worry.
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