Offering a gift is a nice gesture, but it is also a challenging one. What should I get to make sure the person I give it to likes it? And at the same time keeping it in my price range? Giving gifts from the kitchen is a new way of combining the old traditions, with the new utilities and efficiencies. In other words, a gift from the kitchen saves money; is personalized and will give pleasure to the one who receives it. While some gifts from the kitchen are easy to make, others are more complex. Below are some simple ideas:

1. Spice jar
This present is intended for a person who likes to experiment in the kitchen and who is attracted to more exotic cuisines. First, get a transparent jar, with a nice lid and make it even nicer. For instance, roll a nice ribbon around the lid and stick a nice label onto the jar. If you intend give away this present as a Christmas gift, you should get a red ribbon and a red Christmassy label. Then get a large bowl in which to mix the ingredients. You should search the internet for recipes and suggestion on how to combine spices. A tested recipe for flavored salt revolves around mixing a cup of sea salt with two spoons of pepper and then one spoon of each of the following: dry basil, dry oregano, dry rosemary and dry savory.

2. Cookies
The second idea is that of making cookies to give to the dear ones. In one episode of Friends, Monica and Rachel were having financial difficulties and decided to make candy to give to the neighbors, as well tip the doorman, the electrician and others. Making candy is however more difficult of a task, and as we know, Monica pulled it off as she was a chef. If our cooking skills are medium, we will still be able to make some nice cookies.

We could make a regular cookies dough and the trick is then that of making figurines out of the dough and painting them nicely using alimentary colorants. If we consider giving cookies as Christmas presents, we could make the cookies in Santa shapes, reindeer, snowmen and so on. For other occasions, other shapes are possible, such as Easter bunnies or flowers. It is also possible to make the cookies in a new shape that captures part of the essence of what the person to whom the gift is intended stands for. Say for instance that you want to give the cookies to a software developer, you could make them in the shape of a personal computer, a laptop, a mouse or others. The sky is the limit!

3. Fruit basket
This is probably the simplest recommendation as a gift from the kitchen. There are virtually only a few rules for making a fruit basket; they are however flexible and can be considered as suggestions. Therefore, here are the suggestions:
– get a nice basket of an adequate size; a larger basket will make a better first impression; you could buy the basket at the store or at the market, but you cold also make it yourself by knitting twigs
– select fruit that is easily transportable and less perishable; grapes will for instance be rare appearances in a fruit basket
– select fruit from various categories and of various shapes and colors; the diversity will enhance its aesthetics and the feelings of content to the recipient of the gift
– nicely wrap the basket up; this is generally done with transparent but solid foil, and tied up with a nice ribbon, selected based on the occasion with which the gift is made.