Free Treasure is a website that helps its users either located items for free or allows its users to get rid of unwanted items that are taking up space in their house. Items that are usually posted on Free Treasure are those that would be disposed of at hard rubbish collection time and that would have just been generally tossed into the bin without any second thoughts about selling. Free Treasure allows a community to transfer goods so that it can help promote a greener environment and also benefit the Australian community by giving to those that need the items.

Reasons why Free Treasure could be useful for you:
· Not having to wait until hard rubbish to get rid of some items
· Being able to pick up a free bargain
· Helping promote a greener environment
· Feel charitable by helping other people in need of goods
· It will always be FREE

If we want to create a green and stable environment for our children to grow up in we must start recycling now. All it takes is two seconds of your time to click ‘list product’ on the website and another ten seconds to type something about the product. Those 12 seconds could help save our planet drastically if we all start supporting a brighter tomorrow.

The reason I actually found Free Treasure was that I was searching for free stuff on google and discovered the website getting rid of a couch. I thought at first it had to be a scam as nobody could ever want to get rid of couches, mattresses, tv’s etc for free but soon discovered it was the truth. I then realised why people would not want to try and sell such things or just give them to charity as it is illegal most of the time to dispose of such big items at a charity bin. After realising this I soon discovered how big a factor Free Treasure could play in my life as I try and strive towards furnishing my house completely as I am a stay at home mum with two children and an average income. Life seems tough sometimes but when things like this happen I feel blessed to be part of it and am so thankful for the users on Free Treasure that allowed me to find a couch and all the other nifty stuff for free that was being given away. I just thought id share this article with everyone as the site is not well known yet but I think the more people that know about it the better as it has improved my standard of living and was able to put a smile on my face. Just go to and checkout your states listings to find free stuff or go list an item and help save our planet whilst making someone elses day brighter.