Managing Braided Hair

Braids hair designs were worn in ancient times. Select designs gave a look of refinement, and distinction from commoners. It provided convenience for royal families that governed industrious life styles.

Braided hair has evolved from traditional scalp braids to the utilization of human and synthetic hairpieces attached to original hair. This is a specialization African women introduced and developed. We recognize this art of braided hair designs as extension braids. Extending natural hair shoulder lengths and longer
Wear Extensions or traditional braids six to eight weeks for a fresh look. In five to seven months original hair begins to form dreadlocks underneath extensions.

Although, it is good practice to wash hair twice a week, human or synthetic hairpieces do not grow. Too much water could cause frizz. To prevent over use of washing to treat your roots and original hair, shampoo once a month. A hair net is optional. Hair nets provide a more manageable shampoo experience.

Gather the braids into four sections. Plait each section. Place rubber bands at tips. This holds ends together. Apply shampoo to roots. Rinse with warm water. Extract excess lather squeezing each plaited section in a twisting motion. Follow product instructions for conditioning.

Blow-drying is a fast conventional method; however, braids can air dry perfectly fine in hot weather. To achieve ultra luster apply oil sheen.

By Felicia Johnson Johnson