Do you want to be that ideal guy? Be that ideal guy!

Do you think that image matters more than the essential? You’re right! Do you believe that a perfect image will make your life better and you more successful at every possible level? You’re right again! Here are some smart moves that will turn you into the best PR officer on the face on earth:

1.Everybody uses Facebook nowadays. In order words, if you are not on Facebook, you don’t exist. What you must do is create a facebook profile and invest your time in it. Add every person you have ever known and their friends as well. If you don’t have at least 1,678 friends popularity is out of the question. Upload the best photos of yourself (hoping that you have them). If are the opposite of what a photogenic individual is then you might replace your photo with the reproduction of a famous piece of art. Avoid famous models, actors, etc.(although you might try superheroes), but the works of art are more likely to intrigue and they will also create the image of an intellectual. Make sure you change your status at least once a day. In addition, publish videos, photos and interesting links. The process must be regular but do not overdo it because you risk boring the hell out of your virtual friends. Decide which are the most important aspects that you wish to communicate about you and act accordingly. Occasionally change your sentimental status, people always love gossip about the others’ love life.
2.Continue the online crusade by registering on every possible social networking portal, from to, At this point it is fundamental to underline that you must never be sincere. If you are angry because you got fired (all this time spent online is likely to imply some negative consequences), you must NOT communicate that about yourself. Everything must seem perfect. The physical appearance, the health state, the house, the car, the hobbies, the holidays and so on.
3.When you feel that your online mission has been completed you can start fulfilling it in the real world. This means being socially hyperactive. By the end of the year you must be on the guest list of every popular bar and club in town, knowing all the most popular figures and being their friend. Naturally this implies hard work and going out almost every night. At first you will have to pay for dinners and drinks but after a while, once you have made friends with the bar owners, the restaurant owners and the club owners, as well as other rich people who have perfect lives just like yours, you are most likely to receive everything for free. In the process you might meet somebody and get married. Ideally they would provide you with an ideal life style that will perfectly match your perfect image.
4.You should be aware that things such as losing all of your real friends, your self esteem and any type of awareness regarding your true identity might happen. Do not let THAT get in your away. Always keep in mind that you were always in for the image and that is the only thing that matters nowadays.
PS: Nobody said happiness was the topic of this article.