The economic hardship of this year reduced the joy of Christmas also through its ability to negatively impact consumers’ buying powers in terms of decorations. This situation can however be resolved through two primary means.

First, the pivotal idea behind saving money on decorations is that of using the decorations from last years. Most families keep their decorations in boxes in attics and take them out for usage on Christmas. There are years in which a new color of globes is added to the tree or the lights are replaced with newer installations. Nevertheless, for this year, it would be advisable to only use the already existing decorations.

Assuming, however, that this is not an option, due to the fact that the family is formed from two newlyweds that have not yet purchased their decorations, or for a family that has, but for some reason, lost their decorations, an opportunity arises in that of one making their own decorations. This suggestion is one focused on one’s ability to help himself, and directly engage in working activities which lead to the desired result, with as little financial expenditures as possible. Additionally, the suggestion to make oneself Christmas decorations is pegged to the belief that the elements of customization and personalization will enhance the levels of individual satisfaction, content and pride. Furthermore, it is an activity that will engage the entire family, to create a pleasant and fun environment, in which the family members bond.

There are numerous websites which teach the individuals how to put together pieces into Christmas cloths, tree decorations or others. Families could for instance paint boards with Christmas themes. They would invest reduced sums of money into the purchase of card boards, glitter and paint and could put them together to depict Christmas scenes on the home’s walls. They could also use the children’s toys and other puppets to recreate the nativity scenes.

Assuming that a family has indeed decided to directly engage in the making of this year’s Christmas decorations, it is necessary to provide the members with some useful ideas:

The Creative Kids at Home website ( ) offers a varied selection of free Christmas crafts that could be made in the household. For instance, they reveal the necessary utensils and mechanisms in the making of star ornaments, light bulb ornaments, hand print angels, crystal or paper snowflakes and many more

The Celebrating Christmas website ( ) also offers various ideas for free crafts. They for instance present the mechanisms for making and decorating Christmas gift baskets, tree ornaments, Christmas candles, sewing projects for Christmas, crafts of snowmen and Santa Clause, or Christmas cards

The All Free Crafts website ( ) is one of the most comprehensive sources for free Christmas decorations ideas. They introduce the user to the making of paperback Christmas trees, pinecone trees, snow globes, lighthouse decorations, knitted and crocheted Christmas bells, winter windows, a candy cane vase, smiley snowflakes, candy wagons, candle holders, fan ornaments, Christmas puppets, Christmas wreaths, chocolate covered spoons, Christmas stockings and many more.