Believe it or not, it is easy to lose a few pounds without exerting too much effort. All you have to do is perform the usual things you engage in every day, but keeping in mind that your every action is intended to shed off those unwanted pounds and ultimately slim down.

For instance, instead of spending 30 minutes on a treadmill, simply walk a block or two from your house and back every day. You’ll never believe just how much of something little that is done each and every day would make a profound difference in the long run.

The following are other free and easily simple ways you can keep your weight off.

1. Eat on time, rise on time

Never take for granted the value of waking up early. Eating on time, preferably anywhere from 7am to 8 am speeds up your metabolism. Also, those who do eat breakfast have been shown to easily lose relatively more weight compared to those who do not consume the most important meal of the day. Those who refuse to eat breakfast and wait until lunchtime to start eating causes the body to not burn as much calories as it’s necessary.

Some people even refuse to eat breakfast with a few skipping it all together when in fact, it is highly important to consume the most food early on in the day. Usually, some dieters eat very few calories during breakfast and later on pig out during lunch or dinner. Research actually reveals that the calories consumed early in the morning aids in keeping your hunger pangs at bay during the day.

2. Go for the 3’s

Diet gurus usually go by and adhere to the effectivity of the 3-hour diet or simply eating every 3 hours. Doing so equates to having three moderate meals and three light snacks all throughout the day.

Basically, the idea is to eat small and portion-controlled meals every 3 hours. Doing so maintains blood sugars at a steady level, keeps your energy up and avoids you from unnecessarily indulging yourself.

3. Brush your teeth after every meal

Besides being hygienic, brushing your teeth after every meal has a positive psychological effect. And it’s not just being able to feel clean and fresh, it deters compulsive snackers from munching on unnecessary sweets or salty crunchies after a meal. Because, who would want to mess up a clean and brushed pearly whites?

4. Be a balanced ballerina

Exercising need not be confined in the gym. You can actually brush your teeth or watch TV while exercising. For instance, you can stand on one leg as you are waiting for the laundry to finish. Or, while waiting for your coffee to drip to your cup from the coffeemaker, you can stand sideways and place a hand on the kitchen counter. Then, lift your outside leg straight in front making sure it is extended. Make sure your upper body is straight. Hold that position for a few seconds and move onto the side. Do these at least 5 or 10 times for every leg. This exercise tones the hip flexors, outer thighs and the quadriceps. Take note that establishing balance develops the muscles on your core and is even healthy for your brain.

5. Eat protein

It is advisable to eat protein early on in the day as doing so helps you eat less as the day wears on. This saves you from indulging in sweets, chocolate or any salty crunchies during mid afternoon snacks or in after-dinner treats.

6. Build your muscles while in traffic

You need not rot while waiting for the traffic to move because you can use the time squeezing your derry muscles every time you lightly step on the brake making sure to hold that position for ten seconds. You can repeat this movement 10 to 15 times for each trip.

7. Jog around the house

When clearing clutter around the house, you can use the moment to jog from the house to the mailbox and back. You can also do a lap around the house or jog up and down the stairs.