What makes the best restaurant the best? Is it the location? The design? The service? Or is it just the food? Restaurant business is a hard and competitive business. Some have managed to make it an art. Since what can seem like forever, the Michelin Star has been a way to acknowledge the best restaurants. The top restaurants are granted three stars. These are among the ten top restaurants around the World.

Hong Kong: Caprice
In Hong Kong, this restaurant specializes in French cooking. Located on a 6th floor of the Four Seasons it looks onto the Hon Kong Harbour. Detailed and contemporary, Caprice tops the list. Caprice can be reached at www.fourseasons.com/hongkong/dining

France: Paul Bocuse
In Lyon, Paul Bocuse, www.bocuse.fr, has become a mandatory stop for people around the world. From Lobsters to veil, scallops, truffles, scallops and traditional Lyon cooking, Paul Bocuse Restaurant stands out from the millions. The restaurant is a family house located four kilometres north of Lyon. The house is breathtaking and nature encloses it in magical ways.

France: Cotes St Jacques
In France, Joigny, Cotes St Jacques has found the perfect combination. Sea, sea food and unsustainable cooking. The views are horizons of calm. The food is incredible. Fish is great. Their vegetables are produced in a hill nearby. What more can be asked for? Go to www.passedat.fr for the online information.

Germany: Aqua
In Autostadt, Aqua, continues to attract people from around the world. Living side by side with water, Aqua is a modern and different culinary venue. It offers an experience to be enjoyed. Discovery in Aqua is all about perfection. Discover Aqua yourself at www.restaurant-aqua.com.

Japan: Losier
Losier without a doubt makes time stand still. Extremely complex yet simple, balanced but detailed. Japanese food is just different in Losier. The presentations in Losier, expresses its mastering of the techniques and of the art of cooking. Elegantly filled with life and history, the modern shapes are truly an inspiration. Find them at www.shiseido.co.jp/e/losier/top.htm

Japan: Quintessence
Elegant dinners under low light modern interiors and French cooking in Japan? Quintessence is the dream of contrasts. Simple and sophisticated, its interior design is mostly copper and silk. Its ingredients are carefully choosed for its quality. They present the bests dishes that can be served. Online Quintessence can be found at www.quintessence.jp.

Spain: Can Fabes
In Spain, Can Fabes, www.canfabes.com, reinvents local history, culture, tradition and origins in modern ways. Their service and their food accomplishes just that. To bring into these new times with art and skill the values worth keeping. The food, the flavours and presentations, are serious and modern, historic and natural, fresh and fulfilling. Can Fabes gets the tone just right.

UK: The Fat Duck
The Fat Duck is a classic that still to the day keeps providing excellent experiences for the people to discover. Their Tasting Menu is a sequence of dishes which are designed to bring, what they say to be, a multi-sensory appeal. Very experimental, fun, but professional, different, and scientific but extremely rewarding. Filled with art and imagination you can find The Fat Duck web site at www.thefatduck.co.uk