*Eat your heart out Starbucks, I can make my own iced coffee for FREE!
Be honest, the only thing that makes a Starbucks coffee a unique Starbucks coffee is not its café noir, caffè latte, cappuccino, decaf, espresso, Irish coffee or latte concoctions, but simply the branded green logo it sports on its mugs, paper cup and pretentious glass receptacles.
Take away all those corporate emblems and you are simply left with “coffee,” no more, no less.
Believe it or not, you can make your very own iced coffee. Take note that this information is something Starbucks doesn’t want you to find out. Basically, they don’t want you to know that they are making a chump out of you by charging an exorbitant fee for something you can easily make right out of your fridge for free.

1.Start with the essential. Brew a pot of coffee like you normally do. This time though, try to make the coffee a lot stronger than what you would normally drink. Remember that this is iced coffee and so this specific drink will be watered down.
To compensate, it is therefore necessary to maintain the flavor and strength of the brew. For instance, if you usually have a tablespoon for a coffee cup, you may want to add a tablespoon more. It depends on how much flavor you want. Start from what your tongue prefers and go from there.

2.Also, do note that sugar should be added while the coffee is still brewing and hot, not when the drink has cooled down. The reason for this is that sugar is really insoluble. Plus, do not forget that the drink is “iced coffee” so expect that the sweetness might be diluted so it is highly advisable to add more sugar than the usual.

*Tip: Besides sugar, another sweetener you can use is condensed milk, syrup or flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, mocha.

*Personal Tip: I am veering away here but there are days when I am craving for something more than the usual coffee with milk. And because I don’t want to be duped by Starbucks, I make my own cappuccino-like coffee by dropping a scoop of vanilla ice cream onto my piping hot coffee. Try it! Stir it! Love it, I know I do.

3.Major Mistake to Avoid: Do not and I mean you must not make the terrible mistake of over-diluting your iced coffee – the result of which is a flavor-less drink – by pouring the hot coffee on ice.
It is best to place the hot coffee inside the fridge and allow it to stay there overnight. Another thing, avoid placing the pot of hot coffee immediately inside the refrigerator as it could easily crack.
Patience is the key here. If you feel you lack this characteristic, I personally think you are better off going to Starbucks. But if you prefer to challenge yourself and feel better and fulfilled after, feel free to practice until you make the perfect iced coffee.

4.As soon as the coffee has cooled down, put a smile on your face since the concoction is now ready to be served. You can now pour the cold coffee on ice and add either cream or milk.
Then, sit back, relax, take a sip and feel refreshed knowing that you made Starbucks $5 to $10 poorer.