*Body odor – that bane in every person’s sweet scented life – could be likened to an olfactory curse which unfortunately affects more than 90 million Americans. However, regardless of one’s culture, creed and nationality, everyone has made their own efforts of avoiding body odor for the simple reason that having one is simply ewww. And “ewww” has lots of relatively equivalent translations in most languages.
Those who are unlucky enough to have body odor will find that getting rid of it is no easy task. Firstly, one has to bear the shame of being subtly ostracized by friends, relatives and even the neighborhood dog – seriously.
Secondly, no amount of cologne-splashing, bathing, perfume or deodorant could mask such naked, raw and pungent truth.
At times, good hygiene is not enough. Believe it or not, the best, most effective and long term way to battle body odor is by tackling the problem from the inside out. There are instances wherein food you take in and how your system processes these have direct effect on body odor. Therefore, cleansing your system is a highly effective and natural way to get rid of body odor for good.
*You are not a plant but you need chlorophyll
Chlorophyll is one of nature’s extremely effective internal deodorizers. It is so effective that hospitals use them to minimize the stench of patients’ feces – specifically those who have just had their colons taken out or those who have their stools placed in bags.
Chlorophyll is mainly responsible for giving plants a green color. However, its superior internal deodorizing power allows it to detoxify the body. It is also easily absorbed by the intestinal tract and therefore flows freely in the bloodstream thereby purifying the system.
The intestines is a veritable sewage system which holds much of the body’s food and wastes. Cleaning it out is vital in removing body odor.
Chlorophyll could be found in green vegetables such as spinach, chard and kale.
*Drink, drink until your body odor goes away
The importance of water should not be disregarded as this fluid is extremely important in eliminating the body’s toxins and accumulated waste products.
If you do have annoying body odor, best to drink lots of water in order for odor-causing toxins to be diluted from your body.
Tip: To add more punch to a water’s deodorizing prowess, add a tad of lemon juice – as lemon is similarly one of nature’s potent purifier and deodorizer.
Water assists in flushing out all the body’s unwanted poisons. Best to start the day with a fresh clean glass of water and do make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water per day.
*Make every day Evac Day
Daily elimination assists your body in removing harmful wastes that could cause sickness, disease and body odor. To be able to make each day Evacuation Day, try to decrease any fat, meat and sugar from your diet. As much as possible, consume a lot of fiber-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables.
In order to promote prompt and proper elimination of the body’s waste products, it is highly suggested to start a 24-hour diet that is mainly liquid-based. Doing so clears up the kidneys and helps in the body’s full detoxification.
Tip: Drink apple juice as this aids in bowel cleansing. Also, eat natural and light meals. Avoid fried and cholesterol-rich foods, red meats, heavy sweets and dairy products.
Also, vitamin B6, zinc and magnesium are minerals which metabolically assists in effective waste removal. Foods rich with these minerals include whole grains.
*Substitute Baking Powder with Talc Powder
Baking powder has odor-eating powers that applying some on your dry underarms help in quickly killing bacteria underneath them as well as absorb perspiration.
Sure, it may be odd to freshen yourself up in the kitchen with baking powder while your mother’s making cake dough, but it is extremely effective though.
Tip: Add cornstarch in the baking powder in order to create a lethally effective body odor zapper.
Roll on with vinegar
*Regular deodorant works wonders, but who would have thought that white vinegar offers the same result, and it’s cheap too.
Apple cider vinegar is extremely helpful in removing underarm stench as it has the ability to decrease the skin’s pH level causing bacteria to find it difficult to survive – thanks to a low-pH environment.
Similarly white vinegar helps in body odor elimination. Simply soak a small ball of cotton on white vinegar and apply it on the underarm the same way you would a deodorant.
Note: If you are afraid to smell like stale barbecue sauce, relax as the smell of vinegar will be gone after a minute or two, so feel free to be odor-free and free from vinegar smell all throughout the day.