It is fairly obvious that LEDs are 100% more mighty and powerful compared to conventional flashlights. LED lights have also been seen to be more efficient and reliable especially during urgent emergency situations.
Fortunately, you need not throw away your flashlight as you can simply convert them to become a stronger LED flashlight.

1. First thing you need to do is get an LED bulb. It is important that the size of the LED bulb be similar to the bulb of your current flashlight.
2. The next thing to do is remove the lid at the top of your flashlight. This is done in order for you to easily remove the inside bulb. Simply twist off the cap and leave it aside.
3. When removing the bulb, you may clip the locks off or unscrew it. But if you can simply pull out the bulb, do so. It should be able to come off. Better yet, check the manual of the flashlight to be sure.

4. Once the whole flashlight head is removed from the body, the incandescent bulb is now easily accessible. Similar to what you did with the bulb, pull out the incandescent slowly and replace it with the LED.

5. Ensure that the new bulb’s wirings are similar in length with the one you replaced. Doing so helps you avoid any problems upon installation. If there is too much wiring, simply cut it off via a wire cutter.

6. When you have inserted the bulb, make sure that it illuminates and that the wires are in the same position as the original wirings.

7. You can now return the head to the body and have the lid replaced. You can also test if the connection works by powering on the flashlight.

Voila! You now have a working LED flashlight which you made on your own!

TIP: If the flashlight doesn’t light up, repeat the first few steps until you get the light to power on.