For those who are into coffee, there is no need to walk you through an introduction. Let’s get right down to it. Here is how to grow your own coffee.

What you will need: Coffee Seeds or Coffee Cherries (this is the fruit which carries the seed of the coffee plant) and… you will need…well, that is about it. Put all your efforts in getting good coffee cherries or seeds. The rest will come with nature.

Step one: The Coffee Cherries. If you do not live near plantations then you will have to order them online. Order Green Coffee online from any online supplier. Examples of Green Coffee Suppliers are or Just make sure your are getting a fresh seeds.

For a listing of suppliers go to:

Step two: Germinate the coffee seeds or Coffee Cherries. You will need certain conditions. Arabica coffee is cultivated in more than 80% of the countries that grow coffee. Arabica coffee will adapt to different conditions.

Step three: How to germinate the seeds. There are several ways to do this. You can dip them for a day or less in water, then put them in sand. Or you can make them grow in water (hydro) and later transplant the bud. Either way, you will have to transfer the bud from sand or from the hydro germination system into fertile soil. Fresh seeds or cherries should germinate fast. In just several weeks you will start noticing the growth. Make sure they have sun light and water. Do not drown the seed. Do not let the seed go dry. Keep inside if weather is cold.

Step four: Transfer the bud to fertile soil. Preserve conditions of water and sun light.

Important: Water your plant when you notice the soil around it is dry. Do not over water your plant. Watering depends on seasons.

Step six: Have patience. Wait for the harvesting season. Take care of your plants.

Step seven: When the Cherries are ripe and ready, harvest them.You will have to get the seed out of the cherries. Do this by soaking the coffee cherries in water until the pulp falls out. Then dry the seeds, roast them and prepare your coffee.

Step eight: Expand. You can clone your coffee plants or get more seeds to create your own coffee plantation. Arabica coffee variety will not only adapt to different conditions, but it will
self-fertilize and pollinate. Coffee plants flower in spring. The flowers are white. You can use any area to create your own coffee plantation.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has posted online free coffee manuals. They are very simple and practical. If you are looking for free advice on coffee plantations, find that at:

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