Do you spend a lot of time indoors? Most of us do. Do you often get headaches or feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason? Most of us do. While I cannot say that all of these are caused by breathing air poor in oxygen, I will argue that this is a valid explanation in a majority of cases. So how do we improve the quality of the air we breathe? Here are some tips:

1.Air the room as often as possible. If possible, leave the window opened for more hours at a time. Afraid of bugs and insects? Get a window net; it is affordable and a wise investment for the hot summer nights.
2.Constantly check for dampness. This would most commonly occur in rooms with high humidity levels, such as bathrooms. If you bathroom does not have a window, then you absolutely should install a ventilator.
3.Pay attention to the things you buy. And this includes everything from furniture to cleaning products. In terms of furniture, make sure that it has been polished with eco-friendly products that do not emit fumes.
4.Use as much outside air as possible. Technology has evolved significantly and has even created machines that generate and circulate air. While their benefits are not contested, fact remains that they circulate the microbes more than outside air. So, when you can, choose outside air in favor of air conditioning. This is also useful for when you drive your car.
5.Get more plants. Plants are unfortunately underrated, but, as we have learned in school, they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Additionally, the plant market is highly diversified now, and you can easily buy exotic plants, beautiful flowers, easy to keep flowers – virtually, the market is able to satisfy any demand. And the plants will also improve the aesthetics of your home.
6.When you look for a place to live or a place to work, check out the surroundings. Areas near woods, parks or other types of vegetation represent a clear plus. These will not only give cleaner breathing air, but will also be less polluted and cooler, revealing a more balanced climate.
7.If by any chance you are not sure of the pain that was used on your home or office walls, get informed. If you should find out that lead based paints were used, get a professional to repaint, as breathing lead is very toxic.