You can’t really buy a new place….BUT you can be the free decorator of your own place (no, you can’t hire one either).

Your house looks a bit old and outdated? You would enjoy a new look but you do not have the time and the financial resources for a major change at your place? Then you’re in the right place. I’ve recently redecorated my house and I must confess, the result is amazing, considering the small, insignificant amount of money invested. Here are some tips for you to give your flat a new, friendly and personalized look, with no money at all.

1. The little artist inside you
If you were never good at drawing, now it’s a good time to take your revenge in front of the unfriendly drawing teacher who named you untalented. Refuse the help of a house painter and begin your masterpiece. You will be amazed to see how easy it is. Renew the color of your walls or be daring and make some nice drawings. Whatever you like works just fine. And if you don’t have the guts, just inspire yourself from old Chinese symbols, very fancy nowadays. Google the net for “happy” or “love”, your drawn wishes will make you joyful.

2. Feng Shui all over
Mix the places of your furniture using Feng Shui methods and bring not only pace and harmony to your house, but also a fresh new look. It will cost you nothing and it will send away the boredom of your bedroom, for example.

3. The new old
Supposing you do not wish to invest in a new furniture (as this is an article trying to make you save), here’s something you can do in order to hide the little imperfections of your current one or the pass of time over your stuff. Look for some funny, colored material and clothe your sofas and armchairs. Brand new!

4. Decorate, decorate, decorate
Moving on to decorations, here are some of my thoughts:
-Drop out the idea of purchasing new paintings and throw a glance at your favorite photos. You can choose a beautiful landscape immortalized in your favorite holiday or a picture with your best friends from high school. Not only that you will save some cash but also, you will decorate your walls with something more personal that will make you smile whenever you look towards them.
-Origami! Never tried? Look for specialized sites and try building your own figurines. For a greater impact, use pieces of different colored paper.
-Clothe plugs you don’t use and hide wires with pieces of material. This way, you will hide them and also, you won’t be stumbling all day because of wires left all over the house.
5. Freshness and beauty
Finally, if you are a great flower lover, these shouldn’t be missing from your place. Replace the constant purchase of fresh flowers with the ones you can pick up from gardens, parks, countryside. Or plant some, they will look great at your windows.