In a perfect world, we would not need to defend ourselves from anyone. But probably by now, we all know that this world is far from being perfect. And those of you who have been in a position in which fighting back would have been useful, you know what I mean. I myself was the victim of a theft; and at that point, I wish I could have been able to kick him in the heinie, rather than just stand there and take the abuse.

If you’ve ever been in this position, or if you do not ever want to be in this position, you should consider some tips:

* Buy a pepper spray and carry it around at all times. You do not need a permit for it and it is very effective. You will however need to keep it in a place easy to reach in case of an emergency – it will be of no use if you cannot find it in your purse.
Tip: if you own and generally wear more purses, buy a pepper spray to keep in each of them; keep it out of children’s reach.

* Get a weapon – this solution is a generally a drastic one, and as tempting as it might sound at first, it is not advisable. Just imagine a situation in which you pull a gun at someone trying to rob you and shoot them dead. By most accounts, a jury would acquit you on grounds of self defense; yet, you would have to live with the traumatizing burden of having taken a life. Instead you could consider a non-lethal weapon, such as a taser or a rubber bullet gun. You will need a permit for them.
* Take some self defense lessons – not many people know this, but it is not always necessary to pay money to get some self defense lessons. You can get some free pointers from a friend who knows how to protect himself/ herself. You could watch instructional videos, or you could go online to search for videos, images and texts on how to defend yourself. The limitation of this is however that you will not have a partner to help you out. A highly useful thing you could do is to ask around at your local hospitals and social agencies; some of them offer free self defense classes for women and children.