If you feel dizzy, easily exhausted, constipated, irritable, suffer from shortness of breath, feel cold, listless and is unable to concentrate, you may have anemia.
Anemia is where the ability of the red blood cells to transport oxygen all throughout the body decreases thus resulting in a feeling of weakness or just run down.

Fortunately, there are many free and natural ways to deal with anemia. The best method is to consume a well-balanced and healthy diet, these include the following:

1. Get lots of vitamin C
Basically, vitamin C assists the body in absorbing iron, so consuming foods that are rich in vitamin C such as orange juice is critical. Plus, combining vitamin C with iron tablets further assists the body in putting iron to better functional use.

2. Avoid certain vegetables
Sometimes, Popeye is not right when he says we should eat our spinach. When taking a meal rich in iron or when taking iron tablets and supplements, it is best to avoid lentils, spinach and butter beans as these all interfere with the body’s ability to absorb iron.

Also, foods which are high in oxalic acid must similarly be avoided as these interfere with proper iron absorption. These include cashews, almonds, chocolate, rhubarb and Swiss chard.

3. Eat folic-acid and iron-rich food
It is folic acid which aids the body in absorbing iron. Folic acid is usually found in sprouts and lightly steamed leafy green veggies.

Foods rich in iron include blackstrap molasses, dried fruit, carrots, beets, berries, grape juice, grapes, beans, yam and pomegranate juice.

To further give your immune system a boost, consume cereals, dairy products, pasta, meat, nuts, dairy products.

Do not underestimate the value of vitamin B12 as this similarly aids in iron absorption. Sunflower, wheat, apricots, apple seeds and spirulina are all rich in B12 and should be consumed regularly as this vitamin is water-soluble so daily intake is necessary.

4. Avoid iron-decreasing food

Make sure to avoid taking in foods and liquids which decrease the bloodstream’s ability to absorb iron. These foods are the following: beer, antacids, ice cream, tea, coffee.
To help boost your immune system, eat a diet rich in cereals, rice, pasta, dairy products, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, dry beans and nuts. Adding these foods give your body the nutrients it requires for proper functioning.

5. Take herbs and wolfberry
Organic teas which are made from comfrey, dandelion as well as fenugreek all aid in treating anemia. Also, wolfberry – an herb used in Chinese medicine – is used to treat anemia by making the blood strong.