Despite having central or window air conditioning in your home, it is still possible to save and decrease the cost of the electric bills you pay. All you have to do is follow the below suggestions and expect a positive change in your bills especially during warm summer nights.

1. When choosing a central aircon system, it is important that its SEER 13 or more. SEER is the air conditioning’s seasonal energy efficiency ratio. 14 is best for those who live in warmer weather. Take note that any SEER below 13 actually costs a lot more in your electricity bill in the long run.
Meanwhile, EER or energy efficient ratio of 11 or higher is best for room aircon units. Though an air conditioning which has higher EER costs a bit more, it eventually pays for itself in the long term as it is able to drastically decrease the cost of your electric bills.
2. It would be best to surround your house with plant shrubs or shady trees as these help reduce the sun’s heat. It also has the ability to reduce electricity cooling costs to as much as 30%.
3. Make sure any air leaks in your home are properly sealed up. Doing so decreases the costs of running your air conditioning. Seal areas where plumbing, vents or electricity come through. Any gaps in chimneys must similarly be caulked.
4. Your air conditioning unit must be regularly maintained at least every month especially during the cold season. Also, if you can avail the services of a professional, best to do so.
5. If you have an old air conditioning unit or system in your house and which has an SEER 8 or less, it would be highly advisable to replace it with a more efficient energy system.
6. It is important that the location of your air conditioning condenser is at a shady spot in your house where space is available for it to dispose of hot air.
7. It is also a good idea to place energy efficient ceiling fans in your home and have them run on warm or hot days. You can also use the fan minus the air conditioning when it is not too hot. If it does get too warm, turn on the fans and the air conditioning at the same time. You can later turn off the aircon when cold air has circulated in the room. Moving air helps increase the evaporation of water from your skin thereby helping you cool off.