Everybody knows the movie business is a multi-million dollar business. Today getting your movie made, edited, screened and distributed can be relatively easy. The tricky part is getting a good movie. If you do have a good movie, you can follow this guide to distribute your movie.

Making the movie: Whether fiction, documentary or non-fiction, you can make your movie today with simple HD cameras. You can also edit your movie in simple computers. Budgets can be cut to a very minimum. After all, it is called independent movie making for a reason. The difficult part is to have a good idea and turn that into a movie. In the end it will all come down to just how good your movie is. Once you have your movie, customize it into a DVD. Take your time to get a good cover design.

Distribution: Distribution companies or studios will not invest in an independent project. But they will take a look at it in the right places. Which are the right places? Movie Festivals and Independent Movie Festivals. Make a list of all the movie festivals which you are interested in. There are thousands, so list as many as you want. The more copies you send out the greater your chances. Add submission requirements for each festival to your list together with the submission deadlines. Send a copy to all.

Today Festivals such as Sundance, or European Movie Festival are the place where the distributors, distribution companies, agents and other representatives go to make deals. Movies are bought and sold in Movie Festivals. The bottom line, distribution companies will not invest in movies, but they will buy a movie that has already been made. Specially if it has been screened in a movie festival and has got good reviews.

If you have a good movie, and you send it to the hundreds of movie festivals in the world, there is a very good chance someone will pick it up. If they do not, try the process again. You can also try promoting the movie online. Recently several movies have reached the screen through the internet.

Publishing your movie: There are two ways you can get your movie to the movie festivals. You can burn the copies and print the covers yourself. You will also have to put them in the mail yourself. This can be very exhausting. Another way to go is to open an account at Amazon CreateSpace www.createspace.com. There you can create your title. They will give you an Amazon store where you can sell your movie online. This way your movie will already be online even before you take it to the festival. Createspace can package and send out movies. This way you do not have to burn the DVDs yourself. You can avoid the entire postal process. They will burn and mail them for you in any amount of copies. They will send your DVDs to whatever address you want.

If you are into movies, then there is nothing anybody can tell you that will make you abandon your dreams of making movies. Repeat the process with a new movie if the first one was unsuccessful. Cut your budget to minimum. Be independent.

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