In all sacred books, gardens are linked to paradise. From the beginning of history mankind has created gardens. Some are legendary, some are breathtaking, some are just the best gardens in the World.

United Emirates: Dubai
Raffles Botanical Garden is the one and only hanging botanical garden in Dubai. It rises 14 metres off the ground. It has thousands of trees and plants. Find bamboo to aquatic, shrubs to climbers, and more than 650 palms in this hanging garden. To find the Raffles, Botanical Garden and other gardens in Dubai, go to

Chateau de Versailles Gardens
These gardens are filled with sculptures, fountains and culture. Here the history of France was written. The garden is like a laberynthum. Its intrinsic designs are the reason why people call it the “Gardens for a great Child”. Go to to find the Garden of Versailles.

Indian Gardens
Deeg Palace Gardens in India, is the place where the culture of India meets its land and water. The garden was commissioned by Crown Prince Surajmal. Its towers and defence architecture now rests at peace inside the garden. Find some images of this India Garden at

Also in India, the BAPS Swaminarayan Akshardham Garden. The temple is said to be the largest Hindu temple in the World. Its gardens are as impressive as the temple itself. It is found in New Delhi. Their website is impressive as well –

Pakistan Shalimar Gardens
On the shore of Lake Dal, the Shalamar Bagh Garden can be found. It is set in the legendary Kashmir. In the near distance, the Himalayas. A river runs through the middle of the garden. The water of the river cascades and falls into fountains. Find the Shalimar Gardens online or more information at or at

Japan: Ryōanji
Japan holds the Peaceful Dragon, Ryōanji Garden. Ryōanji is a rock Zen garden. Founded in 1473 by Katsumoto Hosokawa, it took several decades to be complete. They say the best time to visit it is in the winter, under snow. The garden is one of the most famous gardens in Japan, made solely of rock, sand and dry elements. See some images of Ryōanji,

The Ryōanji Garden is very simple, but those who have been there say it is revealing. The simplicity of the garden is that it is composed of a set of rocks. The stones are arranged in such way that it is impossible to see all the set of rocks at once. No matter where you are in the garden, one set will always be hidden.

China: Yu Garden
Yu Garden in China can be found in Shangai. It is all a Chinese Garden should be and much more. It was designed by the Ming Dynasty. Holding now more than 400 years of culture, it transcends. The name translates into health and tranquillity, or health and peace. Water of greenish bright colours and bright red houses are the background of the garden. Find the peace and tranquillity of the Yu Gardens at

Indonesia: Garden over Sea
The Pura Tanah Lot Sea Temple is a strange garden that rises from the water. This rocky island is near the Temple of Pura Tanah Lot. Pura Tanah Lot literally translates into Land in the Middle of the Sea. Find the online Gardens at

France: Monet\’s Gardens.
Monet´s Garden located at Valley of the River Epte was created by Monet. Leader of the impressionist movement, the garden itself is a great impression. Here he sat and painted. Here he listened and understood that light constantly escaped him. Find them at Giverny, France, fifty miles off Paris. Online the Monet Foundation can be found at

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