Bungee jumping is extreme. Bungee jumping is a life changing experience. If you are into adrenaline or just feel like jumping off into the void to have a good scream, have no doubt about it, bungee jumping is the best way to do it. When the air takes a hold of you and gravity forces kick in, the sky line and the ground line switch places to change your perspective on life, forever.

*Here is how to jump for free

Important note: This article is not responsible for external web sites, nor services offered. In simple words, if you choose to jump, you do so on your own discernment and free choice. This article is not suited for children. Read with a parent or adult tutor. This article does not represent any group or organization.

*There are several organizational that offer free bungee jumping. They jump in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

*How do they work?
UK Bungee Jumping , offers free jumping opportunities. You would be jumping for charity. They say, “Once you have jumped a euphoric sense of achievement fills your body with the knowledge that you have not jumped with nothing more than a bit of elastic attached to your ankles, but more important than your survival you have raised vital funds for your charity.”

UK Bungee Jumping as well as many other organizations work with sponsorship principles. They are simple. Reach the target figure, and Jump for Free!

United Bungee offers similar opportunities. They also jump for charity.

*Convince your friends and Jump for Free

Another way to get a free bungee jump is to convince your friends or a group of people to jump. Many other organizations give group organizers a free jump. For example, Icarus Bungee, based in California, will give the group organizer a free jump. Find them at www.icarusbungee.com. Icarus offers veterans of Military, Police, Firemen and Paramedics
(active duty, reserve or retired) additional ten dollar discount. They state from their website, “Military Members being or been deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq may jump for free on a space available basis.”

The Oxford Stun Factory also offers Free Bungee jumping opportunities. There website can be found at www.oxfordstuntfactory.com/html/bungee_public.htm. They have charity jumps, group opportunities and second-jump free plans.

Remember – learn the basics of safety and equipment when jumping. Find a Bungee company which you are comfortable with. Get in touch with your local bungee jumping companies are organizations for free jumping opportunities.