Still running on gas? Can´t afford it? Have no money to switch to a more eco-friendly car? Here is a way to save your gas money. Here is how to get free gas to keep your motor running.

One way to get gas for free is to transform your car into a dryvertising car. A dryvertising vehicle is a vehicle that displays advertising for the purpose of drawing public attention to a product or service.

You offer your car to be a space for ads. Your car then transforms into a moving advertisement. There are several organizations that work with this free gas scheme.

Some examples in the US where you can find free gas opportunities are Free Gas Help or Gas for Free. How does it work? The advertisers on your car pay for your gas. In order to be eligible for it, you must meet some requirements.

The requirements usually are the following. Have a driver license, be insured and have a car which is of recent model and in decent conditions. Another important requirement is that you drive an average of miles a day. Depending on the company, they may ask for at least 40 miles a day, 1000 or more miles a month. You must also have a clean driving record.

Turning your car into a moving advertising vehicle is a good source of gas money. The ads placed on vehicles today do not occupy the entire car. They are placed generally on doors or on strategic parts of the vehicle. The ads are secured to the doors with magnets. This means the cars are not actually plotted.

You can even try to take on the idea to get your own sponsors and create yourself your own dryvertising vehicle and home business.

If you save your gas money you can cut expenses, save money for your vacations, make future investments or pay for education. Why not save the gas money and buy an electric or hydroelectric car? You will never again have to pay for gas. You can just plug in your electric car in your garage. An electric car is charged overnight just as a cell phone, or laptop.

There are several organizations online which will pay you free gas for shopping online. If you live in UK, the Free Petrol Club is an example. They can be found at In UK, certain utilities also offer plans to reduce costs and save money. These programs are called residual income programs. They basically work by recommending your friends to use the service. This is another way to save money.

If you don’t find companies that offer free gas in your local area, you can use the idea and sell the ads yourself. It’s easy. Just figure out how much you spend on gas. Then divide that amount by the total amount of doors (or space) your vehicle has. Then sell each space for that price. For example, if you spend 400 USD a month on gas, you can sell 4 ads. All you need is four 100 USD sponsors, one for each door of your car. That is another way to get your gas expenses covered. Other ways to get free gas is to apply for local gas grants from companies or government.

This article is not responsible for the content of external websites, nor from any actions resulting in street driving. Regarding CO2 emissions, this article suggest a way to get free gas in order to switch to green vehicles. This article is not responsible for personal interpretations and suggests the readers to learn the local driving laws and regulations regarding ads on the public roads .