Want to dive into the depths? No problem! The saying goes, learn to walk before you run. In diving it’s the same, learn how to free-dive before you get equipped. Many diving companies out there offer excellent quality services. However, others will give you “top notch” presentations that can have a discouraging effect. Some companies charge astronomical amounts of money to train a diver, others do it for free. Don’t be intimidated by a web site. The seas depths are the ones that deserve your respect. It would be impossible to list all the clubs, companies or organisations that offer free diving lessons. Most clubs offer short courses free, or free seminars, or free opportunities. They do so to promote the business. Diving is not like tennis. You have to test it out to see if you like it. Several basic free diving lessons or seminars are free. You can also put together a group and get your own diving for free. Some organisations, companies or clubs offer free diving lessons because they can not get enough of the underwater sensations. Here are some examples of free diving opportunities.

In the UK there is the British Free diving Association ( www.britishfreediving.org ). Free diving is the sport of breath holding, but it is also the skill of descending and timing. If you are into diving, this is a good place to start. Free diving has been used since the beginning of mankind. This is where the spear fishing comes from. In several places snorkelling is a leisure activity. For others diving is strong competition. Free diving is the genesis of diving. The British Free diving Association says free diving has many benefits and it can be compared to a martial art. Diving is ideal for health, specially respiratory illness. Children with asthma have been cured by constant swimming. The British Free Diving Association says it awakens the deeper levels of awareness and perception of control over the body. Check out in UK the affiliated list of clubs for Free Diving lessons opportunities at, www.britishfreediving.org.

For Diving Trips in the UK and Abroad, Aqua Adventure Training, www.aquaadventuretraining.com, offers free membership to their diving club. No annual fees, nor month fees are required. You will need to qualify before being invited into the Aqua Adventure Club. They dive in the UK and organise diving trips in countries such Turkey, Tobago, Selsey and other divers paradises. They say that their youngest member is 11, but he is qualified in Open Water Dive. Their oldest member is 60 years old. So the age excuse does not apply.

If you want to dive in Australia, there are many companies, clubs and organisations available for you. One worth checking out is Mindarie Dive Joondalup. The Mindarie Diving Acadamey can be found at www.mindive.com. Their divers are all qualified instructors who have a passion. They adhere not only to International Diving Regulations but to The Australian Standards. They are not into special offers or promotions, and if you do want to gear up, they will let you test the gear in the mystical Australian waters. You can contact them for opportunities. They offer free double boat dives if you refer a friend.

Go to your local club if you don’t live near these locations. Ask them for free diving opportunities. Get your things together, talk with experienced instructors and make sure your safety is in hands of professionals. Live up to the experience of diving, or better said, live it down, way down, inside the strangest element on Earth, underwater.