The city rises with its skyscrapers, but aren’t you fed up with that. The images on every wall and on every ad you see seem to whisper to you, over and over…come to the mountain, climb the mountain. If you are a mountain climber, then you know what I mean. Those 50 kilometres up the trail to the base of the mountain. The opening visions of the crystal lakes that are cold and refreshing. The dancing fires under the billions of stars. The days spent in climbing and more climbing. And when you thought you where done, more rocks, riffs and ropes. Chalked the hands and sun burning gladly your face. Why is it that climbers feel the need to keep on going, even when the lungs seem to be about to burst, and the blood pumps in the little oxygen available? I’ll tell you why – these are the best mountain locations to climb. New challenges, next fixations, new destinations, new spiritual pretensions. As you did not go to these mountains, these mountains came to you. Secret climbing, it’s a serious lifestyle.

The Himalayas of Nepal, China, Pakistan and India top this list. The Himalayas is the chosen destination for serious climbers. Climbing mountains is a physical task, but it is also a very spiritual challenge. That is why the Himalayas top the list. They are both physical and spiritual. The highest forces of human capabilities are needed to find the true limits of these heights. The Himalayas are not advised if you are a beginner. If you are an expert, well, then you know the Himalayas and you sure know there are no words that can describe it. Some of the summits to conquer are K2 (8,611 meters) or Everest (8,850 meters).

The Sky of Africa: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
It is called different names. I call it the sky of Africa. If you don’t like it, miss it out. On top of the highest peak, mount Kilimanjaro is an unique destination. The mountain tops open the sky clouds, and the hike can be done by different points, for different levels. For an average of 300 USD a day (maybe less if you are lucky) you can get all the accommodations you need. But make no mistake, there are no beds nor Hotels. Mount Kilimanjaro is in the middle of the National Park of Kilimanjaro, therefore you will find no accommodation except the open sky and the Tanzanian natural Africa. Guides for companies, and glaciers for your amazement. Kilimanjaro´s summit is 5,895 meters. It is ranked 4th in the Seven Summits. The Seven Summits are the highest mountains of the seven continents. For those who want something different, the sky of Africa proves it can deliver dreams.

The United infinite Mountains of the Andes
For all the Native American communities, altitude was a connotation of the Divine. The Andes are a continuous chain of mountains that descend from North America to South America. It provides infinite places for mountain climbing.

In the beautiful, yet naturally dangerous (if you don’t know what you are doing). There you will find Mount McKinley (Denali). Taking its peak and summit to 6,194 meters, it is found in the Alaskan Range of North America. This is one of the most magical places to be in, a place climbers have dreamt about more than once.

In Peru, you will find Cuzco with an altitude of 6,384 meters. There the culture and its colours only fade when the real strength of nature and professional rock climbing kick in.

Going south you will go into Bolivia, this is another intrinsic location for mountain climbing. From archaeological ruins, sloped tropical steeps to dry mountains and eternal skies. Find mount Sajama in Bolivia. It rises up to 6,520 meters.

The Aconcagua in Argentina has become an icon of the Andes. With an altitude of 6,960 and the breathtaking environment, it is the place where Condors roam the skies. In Argentina try getting to the tops of Ojo del Salado or Incahuasi.

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