Like any other woman, I enjoy flowers. I however only get them once or twice a year, and they do not stay fresh for more than a week. Buying flowers yourself is generally expensive, and in some situations, it is even depressing. Here are some means in which free flowers, or floral arrangement, could be obtained for free.

1. Birthday derivation
The birthday is the occasion on which you get most flowers. If you are part of several social circles, you will want to celebrate your birthday at different times. Say for instance that you celebrate with your friends the week-end before the birthday; you celebrate with your family the week of the actual birthday and you celebrate with your colleagues the week after your birthday. This will ensure that you have fresh free flowers for at least two weeks.

2. Preserve the flowers
While the large majority of the components of a floral arrangement will easily decay, there are nevertheless some items which could be preserved. Roses can for instance be easily dehydrated and kept for years – I hang them upside down in a dark place and then spray them with varnish for luster and resistance.

In other floral arrangements I found bamboo branches. This can be carefully extracted from the arrangement and then separately placed in a vase with water, or in any other form that offers them hydration. There are these small jelly-like balls of various colors which can be placed in vases, and which grow when water is added. They constitute a great support for the bamboo branch, which will grow bigger and stronger.

3. Get flower arrangements at social events
The arrangements you can get at social events are probably among the largest and most beautiful ones. And it is not that difficult to attain them. Whenever I go to weddings, I do not stay until the every end. However, this year I stayed until the very end of a wedding. Before the company in charge of planning the wedding began to gather up their equipment, the bride took down all of the flower arrangements and gave them to the few remaining guests. I got a lovely arrangement! I then talked with other friends and found out that the practice is common. So stick till the end!

Another means to get flower arrangements at social events is that of participating to the planning of the event. The idea is basically the same to the previous one, in the meaning that at the end of the event, the planners will give the flowers to the people there. But you will need a good reason to being one of the “people around.” If you run a small business, you could become involved in the planning of social events.

4. Make them yourself
The passion for flowers and the sense of beauty generally come hand in handy. So, even if you have never tried it before, you would probably like to play around with constructing flower arrangements. You could for instance start by taking a walk in the country side, in the woods or in the park and pick flowers. Go back home and nicely arrange them in a vase. Field flowers are in many cases more beautiful than the flowers you find in the flower shop; they are my favorite.

You could also collect all of your dried flowers and organize them in a nice arrangement that will not only last for years, but will also give you the satisfaction of beauty made by your own hands.