Moving out of the old house and into a new one is always exciting, and it is even more satisfying when the new home is bigger, nicer, better. Despite the feelings of pleasure, moving is often a complex, demanding and tiring task. Most people just hire a moving company; the downside is that the company’s employees are not aware of one’s preferences; they will go through our personal belongings, and they will cost us a lot of money too. There is however a less invasive and more cost efficient manner of moving out and moving in.

Step one: Plan ahead
It is of the utmost importance to make realistic plan to which we then stick. It is even advisable that we construct a timetable that ends a few days before we need to evacuate the old house, apartment, room etc. By calculating ahead and leaving two or three extra days before eviction, we make sure that if any unforeseen event occurs, we will still be able to move out and back in without any problems.

Step two: Get boxes and pack
These items can be obtained for free by talking to friends who have just moved and still have the boxes they used. You could also talk to the people at the supermarket or at a regular nearby store and ask them to give you some of the boxes used to transport merchandise.

Step three: Gather your things
Once you have sufficient number of boxes, you should begin to gather your belongings and pack them in a safe and efficient manner, such as boxes with the dishware, boxes with clothes and so on. You must not forget to get bubble wrap for the fragile belongings. This can be generally found in the supermarket and will protect your delicate items from suffering any demises throughout the transportation process.

Step four: Call up friends
Call your friends and ask them for their help in moving. As an important piece of advice, let your friends know days before that you plan on moving. Some of them will offer to help, while others will find excuses. This is also a good way of seeing who your friends really are. Well, unless you tend to move three times a year.

Step five: Organize the move
At this stage, it is important to implement business knowledge. What I basically mean is that you will have to organize your friends’ work in a means that it is efficient and useful. For instance, you could ask the guys to carry the heavy things, and the girls would carry the smaller boxes. You will probably sit in the house and place the things in order of their future established setting, fragility and so on. You must not forget that despite your friends being there to help you for free, your responsibility is not that of “ordering them around”, but of setting an example (and offering them beer). Therefore, while it is imperative that you sit at the core of the moving process, you must also work yourself, rather than expect your friends to do all the hard work.

Step six: Thank your friends for their help
You don’t have to make a toast or give a speech, but are required to be nice and grateful to everybody. At the end of the moving day, you could treat everybody to drinks and pizza. In the future, don’t forget to return the favor.