Are you thinking about the next cool gift for your friend, partner or family? Have you thought about giving them an Ipod? It is no news that Ipods are treasured by everyone. Apple stocks once rose due to Ipod sales and their customers still continue to purchase them. Why? Because they are of great quality and unique design. However, the new trends show that people like to individualize their gadgets. People like having custom designs, and personal looking Ipods. From covers to different colours and designs, Ipods give free options for their customers. They also get even more personal. Ipods can be engraved. Just like you would engrave a jewel or an engagement ring, you can now engrave an Ipod, for Free! Who does the engraving? Apple, of course.

How does it work?
It is simple, and fun. Just go to

Once there, scroll to where it says, “Say anything with free engraving”. Click on that. This gift will never be forgotten as it will be engraved. It is engraved with personal messages. The engraving is performed with a laser. You can choose from custom engravings or make your own. Visit the Ipod engraving gallery to find inspiration and easy access of colours, designs and engravings. You will to see how the engraving and final results looks. This personalization is free.

There is a short video – The video shows you just how to place your order and engrave your personal message. It also shows you how Ipods are engraved with laser technology.

Once you have chosen your model and colour of design, just type your engraving when making your order. A good advice, be sure you type in the correct message. Engravings can not be deleted. Personalize your colour, and engraving for free with this free offer from Apple.

Laser precision technology is used to engrave the Ipod of your choice. Shipments are not delayed by this free offer. Apple store says the Ipod will be packed and shipped out usually by the next day.

From, “Don’t bother Knocking, if my Ipod is rocking”, to “thanks for being a good listener”, the engravings possibilities are infinite. Customers seek the same quality and same product but also seek personalization of their product. Engravings offers Ipod another personal touch. Lets face it, nothing is more personal than the music we listen on our Ipod.