It makes no difference why you are looking for secret beaches. You may want to put an end to your social life and decided to retire, or you may need a secret peaceful place to write your new novel. Maybe you are just on vacation. The truth is that when a person is looking for secret beaches, he is actually looking for something more than just a beach.

There are several places that fit this dream. However, you must be warned, these places are so special that they will change your life. You will feel on the edge of the planet. If you are still willing to take the risk of jumping into new worlds, continue reading, at your own risk. This is secret Beaches, off the grid.

To say “secret beaches” is inaccurate when it comes to Polynesia. The term here should be secret islands. Polynesia actually means many islands and there are not many but thousands. Some are so small that even satellites have a hard time finding them. If you really want to vanish into paradise, go into Polynesia islands. The secrets there are found on the ground. Don’t go to the resorts, avoid the crowded centers. Remember these words and you will uncover the secret of the Polynesia, Îles Tuamotu-Gambier.

You might not think of India as the place for secret beaches, but where do you think the magic name of Goa Beach came from. Goa Beach used to be a secret destination. Now, as it is not that secret, the secret moved elsewhere. But it did not go too far. To find the treasure of India, you need to know the Bay of Bengal, it is 900 km off India. There is a beach there called Radha Nagar Beach, Havelock. Nothing can really be said about these places, you must go see for yourself. While you are in the region, you might want to ask around for a beach called N 7. Want another clue? Why do you think it is called Number 7?

Virgin Islands, Turquoise, Virgin Gorda, these are the way into the secret beaches of the Caribbean. The calm waters are so transparent in the Caribbean that when they meet the horizon, one can not distinguish them from the sky. There are deserted islands, incredible diving spots, and beaches so intriguingly magical that they remain in your subconscious forever. Every word spoken in these beaches is a word that will float in your imagination for the years to come.

If decades ago Acapulco used to be the top secret beach today, the beaches that surround the Rivera Maya are considered the secret beaches of Mexico. Mexico continues to surprise us with new destinations. The Riviera Maya beaches are not only incredibly beautiful but a magnificent place. The region is strong with Maya culture and the visions of Mayan pyramids side by side the oceans.

In the North of Brazil in Bahia there is a secret hidden beach called Itacaré. This beach can not be accessed by road, nor vehicles. The only way to get there is walking through nature. Once there, the beach will take your soul away.

In the south of Brazil, a growing paradise is Praia du Luz and the nearby beaches. Some people who go into these regions and sit on these beaches for vacations, end up living there forever or staying long years. The Beach of Praia du Luz is a bay of mountains that descend into the sea. The middle sandy beach surprises the place with a natural lagoon.

Did you think Australia had only crowded beaches to offer? Think again. If you want to go into the secret Australia, the real Australia, then you have to go off the tourist map, off the grid and off the guides. Try finding the following secret beaches named Circular Quay, Milk Beach, Little Congwong Bay Beach or Obelisk Beach. Try finding them if you can.

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