*Magnifying glass is easy to find in the city, but you may not have access to them or you may just want to get one for free. Here is what you will need; One zip lock bag, (or use transparent bag) and water.

*This may sound too good to be true, but this system is very useful. By making this magnifying glass it will not only help you read the small print of your medicine, take crazy images if you use it as lens, but it can also save your life in the event you are lost in the middle of nowhere and need to make a fire.

*How to make the magnifying glass.

Step one: Fill the Bag or Zip lock with water.
Step two: Dry the Zip lock bag.
Step three: Use your magnifying glass, experiment on surfaces and distances.

*Now you can make a fire with your magnifying glass and this can save your life. What you need, is a magnifying glass or in this case you can use the zip lock bag filled with water.

*Making Fire with Water

*What you need is tinder. Tinder is combustible material, such as dry twig and even smaller organic material in form of filaments. You will need a handful of this small dry material as well as dry twigs or dry bark off trees cut into shreds. These should surround the dry tinder. With your hands create what some refer to a “bird nest”, simply because your final result should look like a bird nest. This tinder will be the igniting factor of your fire. Be sure to have more tinder material ready to put in your bird nest before you light it up with your new magnifying water lens. Make sure you place the smaller material inside, and the larger branches and leaves on the outside.

*Now position yourself in such way that the sun passes through the magnifying glass device that you have just built. You are now trying to let the sun go through the magnifying device in such a way that as a result you should see a point of bright light on the ground. Some call this point beam of light. To accomplish this, move the magnifying glass from the ground up until you see the light joining in one point of bright light, the beam. This point of bright light, or beam, is in fact energy, which is expressed in heat.

*Make sure you are working in a safe environment. Do not place your hands under the bright point of light generated by the magnifying glass, it will burn you if you leave it there.

*Place the tinder or “bird nest” directly above the bright point of light. After some time(depending on time of day, amount of sun etc, may be couple seconds or more) you will see smoke coming out of the tinder. You will then see the smaller tinder begin to turn red, as a cigarette does when is lightened. What you need to do then is blow (your breathe) gently into the tinder until it lights up.

*Then ´place the tinder or “bird nest” inside the fire which you have prepared. A mirror surface can also be used to direct the sun light into one small beam of light capable of burning dry leaves, or tinder.

*A fire will help you keep warm in cold places, a fire can save your life, and you can even cook your dinner if you are knowledgeable enough to accommodate yourself in nature. However, always keep in mind that fires in the wild can run out of control. Keep your fire under CONTROL, have something in hand to put the fire out if necessary.

This article is not responsible for your own experiments.