Get a state of the art auto-responder free for 30 days trial

I have considerable experience when it comes to auto-responders. I have tried probably every Free auto-responder on the market, and let me save you some time right here and now. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME ON FREE AUTO-RESPONDERS!!! So we are left with the question: Which is the best value for money Auto-responder on the market? Let me first say that choosing an auto-responder is a big decision because…

1. They cost you monthly.
2. Changing auto-responders will cost you valuable time.
3. You may not be able to transfer your work to your new auto-responder.
4. You may lose new or existing customers in the change.

So as you can see it’s very important to choose correctly the first time.
You could take a shortcut and use what most people are using, such as, TrafficWave, Aweber, GetResponse, Icontact, ContactThem, or VerticalResponse, after all they must be alright if everyone else is using them ,right?
Well let me tell you they are all Excellent Auto-responder services, each offering something a little different than the others and others targeting bigger businesses like corporations.

So I checked them all out compared there pricing, capabilities, their Customer service and their user friendliness or intuitiveness. I even checked into their affiliate programs/Partnerships.

There can be only ONE. I started to worry, they all seemed so similar, except for the price, as it happens two of the most popular also were the least expensive. There were others that gave you a free sixty day trial, but your not allowed to send more than 200 emails a month {not much of a trial} .

So if you don’t like their service, you just wasted 60 days.

Then Finally One auto-responder service started to stand out from the rest,it was better in every way!

* The Cheapest, same price if your sending 200 or 10,000 emails a month
* Most user friendly “State of the art” Robust Interface,with great video tutorials that go straight to the point without all the guff!
* Efficient- 99.9% delivery rate, this is Key!
* Here is the big thing- A Killer Affiliate program! easy to make this your Main Income.
* Free ongoing personal advertising
* You also get your own FFA site set up for you,marketed and generating leads to you daily!
* Plus a full range of promotional tools {the others don’t have this}
* A vault full of great Marketing tools!
* There is only one price and it’s the cheapest price.
* Plus, Plus, Plus…

To compare Pricing between the top Services go HERE

So in answer to the question: Which is the best value for money Auto-responder service?
Do I have to state the obvious? Nothing even comes close to the value for money you get with The Only reasons that everyone is not using that I can come up with is :

* They didn’t do any research.
* They found out too late and have too much time invested with another service
* They are afraid if they move their list, they may lose their customers and or sales in the exchange, or they can’t transfer their list.

Either way they are losing on a large scale daily. I hope this review is not too late for you?