Until recently, I didn’t even have an idea of the marvelous things you could do with paper and your average table napkin. About two months ago, I needed to take my mind off things and browsed the internet. I accidentally stumbled on this page www.tare.ro, showing a less than 4 minutes long video on how to make a paper flower. It actually uses a napkin, folds it, ties it to the middle and then spreads the parts; the result is this beautiful and easy to make flower.

As a specification to this video, using a piece of napkin to tie the flower to the middle does not hold. I used threat and it successfully served the purpose. Additionally, they use a blue napkin to make the flower, but you could make it out of whichever color you prefer or have at hand; the consistency and quality of the napkin will also help you decide. I tested with white, red and pink, and then decided to go for orange and yellow. I made the orange flowers as big as the napkin permitted and the yellow flowers smaller. There are virtually no limitations.

What I also noticed is that tearing the ends of the napkin with your hands, instead of using a scissors creates a more aesthetic look. I went even further and gathered small branches from outside, and then glued the flowers to the branches and put them in a vase.

This was my first, and yet single, experience with origami. So I am not yet able to offer my “specialized expertise”, but I will advise you to start off with something simple. Do not start big as the work might be too complex and would discourage you. I also tried making a flower out of paper, but paper is much more difficult to fold and more pretentious than the napkin.

Making origami is one thing you could have in common with friends and family, or it can be something fun to do with your kids. It is also a pleasant way to spend time, and a cost efficient means to decorate your house. If you get passionate about it and are good at making origami, it could even become a lifestyle and an additional source of revenues. Galleries for instance host shows on origami, in which makers meet buyers, and money is made.

The ideas can come from wherever, daily life, an exotic vacation and so on. The internet is another valuable source of not only inspiration, but also education. You can find numerous websites showing pictures of origami or offering instructions on how to make them. Some of the instructions are explained step by step in a video; other videos are no comment like, but clearly show what to do, whilst others simply show pictures of the steps you should take.

Here are some websites you should look into in order to get more info on origami, as well as view some works:
* The Instructables website at http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-A-Paper-Flower/
* The How Stuff Works website at http://www.howstuffworks.com/paper-flowers.htm
* The How to Make Paper Flowers Website at http://www.how-to-make-paper-flowers.com/
* The Origami Resource Center website at http://www.origami-resource-center.com/types-of-origami.html