Do you remember when you were a child and loved all animals? I for one wanted to give them all a home; I adopted any cat and dog I would find on the street and took it back home. I always got the same speech – I would have a pet when I’m older and sufficiently responsible to take care for another being. So I was always forced to take them to the shelter. Now I’m all grown up and living on my own, but I do not have a pet. Why? Well, they need a lot of time and attention; they are costly, with all the food and the medical treatments, and they leave their hair all around the apartment.

So you can imagine my surprise when my ten-year old niece, visiting for two weeks, brought home a kitten – a dirty smelly black kitten. She found it on the street and insisted on keeping it. My initial reaction was that of asking her to take it back to where she had found it. I however remembered how sad I was when my mother made me renounce the newly adopted pet. So I decided to let her keep the cat. Dealing with her parents’ surprise is yet another issue…

So, what should you know when you have a little kitten in the house? It will climb everywhere to “inspect the territory”. It will miau and it will miss its mother. But the young ones, and eventually yourself, will love it. What then should you do in such a situation?

Well, you should first give it a bath. Cats do not like water, so you might be in for a “treat”. Be firm and yet gentle, so that you do not harm the animal, but impose yourself as the boss. You must also make sure that you get all the dirt out of their fur. Wash their face as well, but try not to get water in their ears, as they are extremely sensitive. Also pay attention to their claws, so they do not scratch you. When scared, cats use their tiny, yet painful, claws.

You should be rather speedy in giving the cat its bath, and once you are done with that, make sure you dry it properly. You should first dry it off with a towel – this towel should be kept separate from other towels you use, and should only be used to dry the cat. Use this moment to analyze the cat. You should use the towel to inspect the kitten’s fur and skin. Look for lesions, marks, bites, flees, worms or any other irregularities.

I’ve continued by drying the kitten with the hair blower, but it did not appreciate it that much. Other people I’ve talked to said that they only use a towel to dry the cat. Once you are finished with drying it, the cat will probably run away from you and go to a comfort zone. Our kitten would run up to the top of a wardrobe.

Extremely important: take the kitten to the veterinary, where it will be tested for parasites. If it has flees, you should choose a flee collar, rather than solutions that are meant to be sprayed on the fur – the cat could lick its fur and become intoxicated. Make sure you follow all instructions received from the vet’s office. Do not be overzealous with cleaning it too often or feeding it too much.
Once the kitten is back in your home, you should pay attention to what you feed it. The food you eat is not the best solution for your cat, but you should buy special food for cats, as indicated by the vet and in accordance to the kitten’s age. Buy a litter box and sand and set it in the bathroom.

Despite the fact that they do not need to the walked, it is good to get them out for fresh air every now and then. Aside this, just love your cat and it will be a happy and healthy cat.