Ants can be a problem, especially in summer. This guide will show you how to keep ants away in hot summer days. There are many ways to get rid of ants. Most of them do not work, or just don’t work momentarily. Some methods to get rid of ants include the use of chemical or dangerous elements. Chemical Insecticides used as pest control can be irresponsible and extremely dangerous. If a person has children he will sure be driven away by most of the options out there. However, not to panic or despair, there are natural ways to get rid of ants. If you think your environment is under a pest invasion, then contact a professional. Only continue reading if you take full responsibility and wish to take on your ant problem the natural way.

First is First
First of all, figure out where the ants are coming from. Seal off those entrances. Next figure out why ants are coming into the apartment. Did you leave a bowl of sugar open? Then you should expect ants. Try storing sugars and other type of attracting food away. Also make sure you keep a clean environment. There is no need to start dispersing toxins all over the place. If you do not keep a clean environment, ants will return.

Toxic is Toxic: Natural is Natural
All insecticides work in the same way and they are toxic. This means it can be toxic for humans and animals. Toxic levels depend on the dose of the toxin. Children are extremely sensible to toxins. Why use chemicals if natural ways work just fine.

Natural Solutions. What you will need: Peppermint oil (or alternatives) and a spray bottle.

A natural way to get rid of ants is using Peppermint oil. Ants will stay away from peppermint oil. Ants will be driven away from the areas sprayed with peppermint oil. Mix the peppermint oil with water and spray it. You can make your own peppermint oil or you can buy it. Peppermint oil is not expensive. Peppermint oil is made in different ways. Generally the herbs (in this case peppermint herbs) are gathered, cleaned and put in a jar. Then a special oil (called carrier oil) is heated in a pot. The hot oil is poured on the herbs in the jar and it is stored out of the light for a month. Later the herbs are strained. However, if you have an ant problem you may not be able to wait for a month. This guide suggests you buy it or continue reading for alternative solutions.

Other natural elements that can help with the ant problem is white vinegar. White vinegar is not toxic. Black pepper can also be used. These natural repellents will not kill the insects or ants. Ants will just avoid these substances. They will be driven away elsewhere. Hopefully your neighbour is as keen as you are on the environment.

If after trying all this you still can not get rid of ants, call a pest control professional. A professional will know how to use chemical insecticides. Do not try to use them yourself as chemical insecticides can be toxic for living organisms, they can also be bad for the environment.

This article is not responsible for readers interpretations. This article does not represent any group, company or organisation. This article is not responsible for readers personal experimentations. This article recommends calling a professional to deal with pest problems. Pest problems can be serious. This article also recommends natural ways to dealing with ants. Chemical insecticides are toxic and dangerous. They should be avoided.