Make your own digital frame picture. There is no need to pay hundreds of dollars for a picture frame. You can make your own for under 100 USD. You can even spend less if you have an old LCD screen you do not use anymore. A lot of people miss the feeling of picture frames. Why take images if you can not see them framed? With a digital picture frame you can see images the old way. This guide will help you build a simple digital picture frame.

What you will need: You need a frame, a SanDisk Digital Photo Viewer and a LCD screen.

About the Frame: The frame should be the last thing you build. The size will depend on the size of the LCD screen. The frame can be wooden, all glass, plexiglass or any another material. It can even be an old frame you like so much you want to restore. You can buy a frame or you can keep a low budget by using what you have in hand.

About the ScanDisk Digital Photo Viewer: A ScanDisk Digital Photo Viewer is a gadget which can read memory cards. Some come with remote controls. ScanDisk Viewers are not expensive. You can get them online. ScanDisks take in different type of memory cards. They send signals to the LCD screen to play them. They will also work on a TV or on your laptop, so they do can come in handy. ScanDisk digital photo viewers are automatic. No special skills are required to handle them.

The LCD Screen: You can use any LCD screen. You can use an old laptop screen, a digital screen or buy a used or new screen. You can get LCD screens of different sizes online for couple of dollars. Make sure the size is good. Some people improvise ways to magnify the images on digital frames by adding plexiglass as magnifying glass. This can work well if you have a small LCD and want a bigger image on your frame. Instead of a glass, add magnifying plexiglass. Whatever way you go, make sure the screen is working, and make sure the LCD screen has the video input intact.

How to set it up: Connect the ScanDisk to the screen. Use a video cable to hook the Scandisk viewer to the input video of the digital screen. Then mount the screen on the frame. Be careful, digital screens break and crack if they are mishandled. Turn on the scandisk and the screen. Copy the images to the memory card of choice. Slip the memory card into the scandisk slot and sit back and enjoy your new digital frame.

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