Most of us spent our winter holidays in the company of the family. And what is the thing you mostly do when at home? And especially around the holiday season? You eat! And then some more. So now we have to lose the couple of pounds we recently gained; get back into shape and resume our normal life. How do we do this? It’s actually very simple.

First, throw out any leftovers. Your mom probably did not let you leave home without a bag full of “goodies.” Try to get rid of them. Your mom’s ego will not be hurt if you do not tell her, but the endeavor will be more advantageous for your health. If you do not literally want to throw out perfectly good food – simply because it’s a waste or as it creates pollution and stimulates consumerism – try to find another means of getting rid of it. Give it for instance to a friend or neighbor you know to enjoy holiday foods; give to the homeless or to a center for the needy. Do whatever you wish, just get it out of your fridge.

Once you get rid of the bad food, make sure you buy new, good food. Go to the market, or the supermarket, and buy fruit and vegetables. They work best if you eat them in as natural a form as possible. Obviously you will not eat raw potatoes, but you should buy celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, peppers and so on. And don’t forget to purchase fresh fruit. You should not buy large amounts, but you should make constant purchases so that you can always consume fresh fruit and veggies. It is advisable that you replace as many traditional meals as possible with fruit and vegetables. You could eat the fruit in the morning – they release the fructose and inhibit your craving for sweets throughout the day. You could eat the vegetables for dinner, and for lunch, you could have a balanced meal containing also carbohydrates.

The next thing you should do is that of getting out as much as possible. This is beneficial from two standpoints. First of all, you get to exercise a bit by walking around; of course, it is advisable that you walk or ride a bike, rather than drive. You could also try to get back to the gym. The second means in which getting out of the house will help your diet is that it will keep you away from temptations. If you do not stay in to watch a movie, you will not be tempted to buy chips, nor will you stare at the fridge.