Trees which seem the most natural thing on Earth are usual commercial products in today’s world. If you have to buy new trees, you will soon find out that trees can be expensive. So how can you get trees for free? That is easy. Here’s what you can do.

There are several websites that offer free trees. Most are completely free. Some will ask for delivery fees or small donations. Donations vary from 1 USD to 10 USD max. Which are the companies? Here are some examples.

1.Arboday offers 10 free trees with membership and will give you two free trees if you buy one. They also offer tree discounts and tree books. The membership is USD 10 USD for months or USD 15 per year.

2.Free Trees and Plants offers free perennials, shrubs, bulbs and trees. How can they afford free plants and trees? They say that each year millions of high quality plants go unsold and are destroyed. So they locate unsold trees and plants and give them away for free. They employ workers with disabilities to pack the plants, providing needed job opportunities.

3.Another organisation worth checking out is Woodland Trust, Tree for All. They give out free trees for school grounds. Trees for All, gives away a free pack of 30 native trees and free education resources The free tree packs for schools and youth groups are sponsored by Sainsbury’s Active Kids. Online application is required at,

4.Forest Avon also offers a Free Tree Scheme. The say, “Under the Free Tree Scheme, we provide trees for free to community groups, schools, parishes and local councils for use in appropriate community planting projects to create new woodlands, copses, hedges and small corner plantings.” Applications can be downloaded online at, Their trees are provided by the BTCV Forest of Avon Tree Life Centre.

*There are several government authorities, or organizations which have residential trees program. For example In Los Angeles, the LADWP Trees for a Green LA Program in partnership with Million Trees LA has made it simple for Los Angeles City. Find them at, Other websites are, and

There are many organisations, and individuals giving out free trees. If the links above do not suite your local needs, don’t be discouraged. Search your local community for forestry organisations that work with trees. They are always happy to hear from people that are interested in planting trees.