If you decorate your home to reflect your style and personality or if you heed the latest fashion trends, why not do the same to your cellphone? While you wear clothes to reflect your personality, adding a bit of bling to your cell phone could add that much needed glitz to your personality.

Use rhinestones

Why rhinestone? Basically, rhinestones are used as imitation diamonds. Note that certain manufacturers are even able to reproduce the sparkly effect authentic diamonds have, when placed under the sun.
A rhinestone-studded phone works best with flip-top cell phones since its top portion could be easily used as a relatively wide canvas and runs little risk of destroying or affecting your cell phone’s button or screen.

All you need to stud your cell phone with attractive glimmer – besides patience, basic math skills and a bit of creativity – are the following: E6000 glue, tweezers, medical syringe and rhinestones.

1. The first thing you need to do is select the specific size and color of rhinestones you intend to place on your phone. While some prefer to coat their entire phone with rhinestone, some like it better to use a few to serve as accents.

If you do cover all the surface of your phone with rhinestone, you need to know your phone’s specific measurements. For this, you need a tape measure or ruler in order to determine your cell phone’s length and width.

When you have your phone’s measurements, multiply these numbers in order to get your phone’s surface area.
For instance, if your phone’s length and width measures 1.4 x 3.5 inches, your phone’s surface area is 4.9 square inches.

You also have to convert this specific measurement to millimeters. To be able to convert, multiply the surface area measurement by 25. (As there are 25 millimeters for an inch).
Therefore, 4.9 square inches when converted to millimeters is 122.5.

2. Now that you know how much area you need to cover, it is time to choose the rhinestone size you want to place on your cell phone. Your rhinestone selection would depend much on your phone’s size. Ideally, 7SS rhinestones are tiny enough to glue together without leaving lots of vacant holes – yet they are large enough to allow you to work with the rhinestones without difficulty. A 7SS rhinestone has a 3.8 square millimeter surface area.

To know how much rhinestones you need, simply divide your cell phone’s surface area (in millimeters) by the area of the rhinestone, then round up the resulting number.

122.5/3.8 results to 32.2. When rounded off, you then need 32 rhinestones. Make sure to add anywhere from 5 to 10 rhinestones just in case you make some errors along the way.

3. You can now acquire the rhinestones in whatever color you prefer. There are rhinestones which are monochromatic while others possess a slew of colors.

Start by placing the E6000 glue inside a medical syringe. Using a medical syringe is actually easier as it removes any sticky mess which glue sometimes causes. Also, a syringe allows you to put little amount of E6000 glue without smearing your cell phone.

4. Then, put a small dot of glue on the area you want to place down the rhinestones. Make sure not to use too much E6000 to avoid having glue smears on your cell phone. As much as possible, use a tweezer in order to pick the rhinestones up and to easily place it all throughout the E6000 glue dots.

Voila! You now have your very own rhinestone studded cell phone. Remember to wait for your cell phone to dry – at least 24 hours – before you use it. Though it could be quite difficult to not touch your phone for a whole day, you’ll thank yourself for it especially when you start using your sparkly and shimmery bling-rich cellphone.