Are you one of those people who continually wear only some of the clothes in their wardrobe while the rest lay there untouched? Well… I am! And I guess I’m not the only one out there. We tend to purchase clothes because we like them on the spot, but when putting them on at home, they no longer look as good as they looked in the store, so we just forget them in the closet. But we also have some pieces of apparel that we like, that make us feel good about ourselves, and that we continually wear. That is, until they wear out. And when we go back to the store to get the same thing, guess what? They don’t have it anymore. So what can you do? Well, you can create an exact replica. How? Here’s how:

1. Get the materials
The first thing you need to do is to assess the texture of the material used in the making of the respective piece of clothing. Try to get textile matching the same structures. Also look for other items that have been used, such as zippers or buttons. If the color of the textile to be used in the making of the replica differs from that of the initial piece of clothing, then you should get new zippers and buttons that go with the new color. If however the colors match, then you can use the zippers and buttons from the first piece.

2. Get the design
As any tailor will tell you, the necessary element in the making of clothes is that of the pattern. You will obtain this by taking down the initial piece of clothing. Grab the scissors and begin to un-stitch the seams. Dissemble one component at a time, such as the collar first, the left sleeve, the right sleeve, the two sides of the front and the one side of the back – if you are remaking a shirt or a blouse. Write down numbers on each piece and take pictures so that you know from where each piece came and where it should be put back. The final thing in obtaining the design is that of copying the contour of pieces on paper and cutting down the lines.

3. Make the new piece
On a plain surface, spread out the material. Place the paper patterns on top of it and draw lines with the aid of tailor’s chalk (regular chalk will also do, but the tailor’s will be easier to clean). Cut the textile as the lines show. And now put the pieces together as you noted them down.

Make sure to iron the items before wearing the new old clothes. And there’s your old new favorite piece of clothing!